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Come On And Justify Donald Trump Semi-Open Thread

Donald Trump just effectively won the Republican presidential primary.

While 60 percent of America hangs it’s head in shame, here is the chance for the 40 percent to explain why we are all wrong.

It’s a semi-open thread for people who want to justify their support for Trump.

Extra points if you use the words “Commie” or “libtard” in your comment.

15 thoughts on “Come On And Justify Donald Trump Semi-Open Thread”

  1. Marc Allan Feldman says:

    Best justification for Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton.
    Best justification for Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump
    Best justification to vote Libertarian: Hillarump.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      until you actually start examining the Libertarian platform…

      1. Stephen Kent Gray says:

        Actually, the Libertarians haven’t made their platform yet. They change it at each and every LNC. The current platform will be outdated by the time the 2016 LNC comes around this year. Ever since 2006, the Libertarian Reform Cacus heavily watered down the platforms of the Libertarian Party each time.

        The Libertarian Radical Caucus want the platform radicalized and has endorsed Darryl W. Perry. But polls of delegates show neither will happen. Further moderation of the platform and the nomination of moderate Gary Johnson will happen May 26-30 at Orlando, Florida.

        The author of the site is the founder of the Libertarian Reform Caucus and a known Georgist. He says he’s sorta between a big government Libertarian and a small government Green. He also created a 2d quiz site.

      2. Stephen Kent Gray says:

        The 2D Ehanced Political Quiz by the site author of Holisitic Politics is here. I had to search for it because it wasn’t on my favorite sites list on my toolbar yet.

        Take the quiz and post your results here.

        1. ella says:

          Humm, it says I am a Communitarian. With those questions it seems anyone could be a Libertarian, like being a Moderate Conservative. Interesting.

          1. Stephen Kent Gray says:

            I got Left Leaning Libertarian with 90% social and 70% economic scores this time most recently.

      3. Stephen Kent Gray says:

        The Radical platform proposal that will be rejected just like Darryl W. Perry won’t be nominated as several of the planks are pro Darryl W. Perry’s stance and contradict those of Gary Johnson, John McAfee, Marc Allan Feldman, and Austin Petersen.

        Proposed April 24, 2016, but not the official Libertarian Party platform. I will later find the official platform to compare and contrast it with. The official one comes in English and Spanish as well as PDF options for both.

      4. Stephen Kent Gray says:

        The soon to be outdatated 2014 platform is here, but I will wait for the 2016 platform which is coming soon. The platform changes with each and every LNC, just like with each and every party. It’s much shorter, like the platform of the Constiution Party.

        Just shrinking big government and advancing liberty, so people will love the party even more after archive binging the current and all past platforms of the party.

    2. Stephen Kent Gray says:

      Why should I vote for a candidate not having a serious campaign like yourself or Darryl W. Perry as opposed to Gary Johnson, John McAfee, or Austin Petersen?

  2. ella says:

    Peregrin Wood, are you a Commie or a Libtard? There I used both words in one sentence. 🙂 Trump has said he needs a Vice President to help him govern the nation. His choice of Vice President will be very important. Why Donald Trump? Because he has the best interests of the nation at heart. Because the current and recent past Congresses have spent the nation into debt beyond our means. Because Trump can save Social Security, while even the Democrats have nixed it. The Congress wants to cut off even that to the people so they can continue their unbelievable gluttonous spending of the Americans tax money. Because Trump will trash Obamacare which has just cost the American taxpayers an additional 4 Trillion dollars or so, 3 Trillion of the current Omnibus spending bill of 4.1 Trillions dollars. That is more than the entire Congressional budgets for 4 years, and Americans still do not have insurance. Oh, by the way, those who are paying for it, are paying out their ears, the rest are being paid for by the 3 Trillion dollar taxes – on top of your insurance premiums. Trump will bring sanity back to in insurance industry. I guess that is enough for right now.

  3. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    I don’t support Donald Trump, but do see him as a lesser evil than Hillary Clinton. He will put America first and he is a master deal maker. Those are some of the good things about him. Make America Great Again! I’m not feeling it, but I’m definitely not Read For Hillary! I’d rather vote for Augusto Pinochet than Hillary Clinton. There are all her Benghazigate and Emailgate and other scandals too. This election has me worried enough to consider voting straight Republican and no third party candidates. It will be my first time voting straight Republican if I actually go through with it.

    Still better than Hillary Clinton. It’s also a great way to get banned from the dating site Bernie Signles. Praising either Donald Trump or Augusto Pinochet is strictly forbidden there.

    1. ella says:

      Donald Trump may have an edge as an outsider in that he has certain expectations, but has closely studied the processes of government from the business point of view. Obama was a professional politician with an agenda, yet he did not have a clue what was going to happen when he stepped into the White House. I remember the first meeting he had with Boehner. Boehner disagreed with Obama and simply left since Obama would not dicker with him. A standard procedure. Obama actually called a press meeting to ‘tell on Boehner’ for not doing what he (Obama) told him to do. Quite a shock to the ego. Trump has years of experience in the manner of how this type of meeting goes. I believe he will do quite well. He knows there will be compromises and many conversations to get there, at times.He is smart enough not to say he will do something, and tell how in detail, because things do change. I believe he will beat Hillary Clinton, even with her former President husband having dealt with the Electoral College in advance in order to gain all of those delegate votes before the election. I am not sure that Trump realizes that Clinton’s many years of practice in acquiring those delegate votes might sink a ship before the election even takes place. If he doesn’t know it yet, he had best find someone to get to those delegates and begin negotiations now. Even if the Clinton’s have already completed those negotiations it is possible to change minds.

  4. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    In addition, Washington political journalist Linda J Killian describes the current situation in her book The Swing Vote. She writes that Americans are frustrated with Congress and its dysfunction and inability to do its job. A growing number of Americans are not satisfied with the political process because a number of factors from influx of money into politics and the influence of special interests and lobbyists. The book classifies four types of independent voters including “NPR Republicans”, “America First Democrats”, “The Facebook Generation” and “Starbucks Moms and Dads” who will be big determinates of Swing votes in the 2012 Presidential election.

    This analysis dealt with Indepdentns and the 2012 election, but it goes even better with the 2016 election. Who will each of the four groups of Independents in America favor? Who will win the: NPR (Rockeffeller) Republicans, America First (Reagan) Democrats, Facebook Generation, and Starbucks Parents?

    I’m personally Facebook Generation and will look forward to how Donald Trump courts each of the four groups of Independents. The article describes each of the four groups in detail.

  5. the chosen one says:

    Jeff Sessions is his brain. He may not know what he is talking about. He will implement what Jeff Sessions has been advocating for. Not worried at all. Next?

  6. ella says:

    It is so close to the Republican convention now and I have no doubt that Trump will bring the house down with cheers when he is made the official nominee. He definitely has the talent to draw people in. Let us sincerely hope he actually has the ability, and will, to use that a talent to bring jobs back to the USA. Give Americans something they can trust to be legitimate investments, to invest in. Bring prosperity back to American and the hope that all can live a comfortable lifestyle. Assure the young people and seniors a lifestyle of comfort to look forward to when their days of labor are ended. Make the streets safe to walk and the bridges safe to cross.

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