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On May 15, Washington DC Protests Offshore Oil Drilling

“We’re standing together for our climate, our communities, and our coasts.”

So begins the Call to Protest at DC Break Free, a non-profit activist organization that is holding a march and demonstration in Washington, DC on Sunday, May 15 at 1 pm in Lafayette Park. Promoting more offshore oil rigs isn’t what we elected Barack Obama to do, but regardless of his campaign promises he took action back in 2010 to open huge new areas of coastline to offshore oil drilling as a way of trying to broker a deal with Republicans in Congress.  After many pro-drilling years, President Obama finally is starting to reverse course, indicating a willingness to halt oil development in the Arctic and (maybe) slow it down in the Atlantic.  This march on Washington is designed to keep the pressure on so that (maybe) President Obama will act responsibly on his newly rediscovered inclinations toward environmental protection.

This is a time when we should be doing better.  Oil prices are down; the world is seeing a glut of fossil fuels.  Now is not the time to recklessly break open new oil reserves on the ocean floor and see what happens. We know what happens.  BP happens:


If you live near DC, won’t you consider adding your voice to the protest against offshore oil drilling this May 15?

Protest Offshore Oil Drilling on May 15 2016 at 1 pm in Washington, DC's Lafayette Park.

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