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Adapter: A Small Clutter-Free Program to Solve a Big Video Problem

This evening, I used Videoscribe on my PC to produce a small video segment for my work, but when that video was saved to my computer, I was stymied. I would have liked to have worked with it further, but it was saved in the .mov video format. No problem, I thought, I’ll just import the file into my Adobe Premiere program, a program for which I paid a large hunk of cash. No such luck: Adobe Premiere won’t work with .mov video files, even though such video files are an Apple format and (so I am led to believe) Apple is kind of a big deal.  Moving on…

Next stop: perhaps Apple will offer video conversion software, I thought.  I read online that by after downloading and installing the Quicktime software, I could use Quicktime to save .mov files in other formats. After following the described steps, I discovered that I’d have to update to Quicktime Pro to use that feature.  Moving on…

Next stop: perhaps Windows 10, my operating system, would offer a solution.  After all, for years I’d used Windows Live Movie Maker, a little in-system program that would make some conversions.  Then I discovered that Windows 10 doesn’t include Movie Maker or any other video-production program.  Heck, Windows doesn’t even include a program to play DVDs any more.  On a web page, Microsoft provides a link to download Movie Maker, but the link doesn’t work.  Moving on…

Adapter: a sweet little program for big video conversionsAdapter is a sweet, tiny little program that converts video files of various formats into various other formats.  Download from the product’s home page of was quick and simple, and featured no installation of any hidden adware.  Within 1 minute and 30 seconds of downloading the program, I was using it to successfully convert that pesky .mov file to a more universally accepted format.  I didn’t have to pay a penny.  Adapter didn’t even ask for one.  The company’s idea is simply that users who like Adapter may eventually come back to purchase other, related products.  I may; I may not.  But I am grateful for this helpful program that got me out of a pinch when the big computer industry players would not or could not.  If you’re looking for a similar solution, give Adapter a shot.

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