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Donald Trump Appoints White Supremacist As Delegate To GOP Convention

They tell us that Donald Trump isn’t really a racist.

They say that when Trump was sued for preventing African-Americans and Puerto Ricans from renting apartments from his company, that he was just working for his father… who had been arrested for participating in a KKK riot.

They tell us that when Trump refused to distance himself from KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, the Republican presidential nominee simply didn’t know that being the leader of an organization with a history of lynching African-Americans was regarded as controversial.

They say that when the Trump for President campaign used a booking agency to seek out an opportunity for Donald Trump Jr. to be interviewed by white supremacist James Edwards, it was all just a big mistake.

They claim that although Donald Trump has repeatedly retweeted messages from neo-Nazis and approvingly quoted fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, it doesn’t indicate any racism in Trump’s presidential campaign.

They say that when a group of Trump supporters form a militia using fascist and Nazi symbols to rally support for their organization, there’s no cause for concern.

They insist that when white supremacist William Johnson, head of the explicitly racist American Freedom Party, started a super PAC to deliver robocalls in primary states explaining that voters should side with Donald Trump in order to protect whites from other ethnic groups, Trump couldn’t be blamed for these independent actions.

And now, when it has been revealed that Donald Trump appointed that same William Johnson to be a delegate to the Republican National Convention, these same Trump apologists say that there isn’t anything racist about the appointment. They say that when Donald Trump appointed the infamous white supremacist leader, it was just a “database error”.

Who among us, after all, has not accidentally affiliated ourselves with well-known white supremacists because of a database error?

Donald Trump’s “database error” excuse for this latest outreach to racist extremism doesn’t hold much water, given the fact that William Johnson’s inflammatory racist campaigning for Trump has repeatedly been a prominent news story in this year’s election. Donald Trump’s campaign reached out to William Johnson individually, by name, just this week.

“We are planning to submit your name to the California Secretary of State to be a Trump delegate to the Republican National Convention,” the Trump campaign wrote to Johnson. “Thank you for your support of the Donald J. Trump for President.”

There are two possible explanations for this appointment:

1) Donald Trump knowingly appointed a white supremacist to the Republican Natinal Convention.
2) The Donald Trump for President campaign is so profoundly incompetent that it lacks the ability to screen out well-known radical racists from major appointments.

Neither explanation is reassuring. If Donald Trump becomes President, how many white supremacists will he appoint to government positions by “accident”?

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump Appoints White Supremacist As Delegate To GOP Convention”

  1. Al Hopfmann says:

    I wonder if Trump’s people were fooled because of the name “American Freedom Party”? Apparently, that party is not honestly named. Similarly, many people are fooled because of the name “Democratic Party”. It is not very democratic. Ask Bernie Sanders. Or check Appendix 5 of the Massachusetts Democratic State Convention Delegates’ Package.

  2. the chosen one says:

    The white boogeyman… Oooooh be afraid.

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