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Always Deliver More Hyperbole Than Expected!

Oh what the power elites of big online businesses can teach us!

If only we would think like the CEOs of the West Coast digital giants, we would all be dazzlingly wealthy and powerful too!

For example, Larry Page, who is a super rich co-founder and CEO of Google, gives us the following advice: “Always deliver more than expected!”

Not some of the time! Always! If you are ever going to succeed in business, you must deliver more than what consumers expect every single time!

Say, if you are a grocery store selling watermelons, it’s not just okay to sell watermelons! The next time you sell a watermelon, you should make the watermelon do something unexpected, like have an extra watermelon inside! And then, the next time you sell a watermelon after that, having an extra watermelon inside won’t be enough! You have to be unexpected again, so do something like have the watermelon have an extra watermelon inside, AND be genetically engineered to have neon flashing light displays embedded within it! Then, the next day and every day afterwards, the watermelon must do something new again, because a business must always deliver more than expected!

Just once is not enough!

For example, my attempt today to always deliver more than expected is to deliver exclamation points at the end of every single sentence in this article!

I bet you weren’t expecting that!

Tomorrow, it will be something else! Maybe all the letters will be upside down! Maybe not! If I told you what I was going to do tomorrow, then you would expect it! Then I would be failing!

Of course, I can’t think of the last time that any Google service did anything that I did not expect it to do!

Perhaps the expected what the unexpected! Now I expect it, though, so I have no idea what Larry Page is talking about!

I might be tempted to conclude that Larry Page is a self-congratulating bullshitter! He is from Google, though, so I must be wrong, and he must be right!

How unexpected!

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