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Republican in Congress Declares Yoga Public Enemy #1

When you think of a significant problem facing the United States of America today, what comes to mind?








Threats to civil liberty?

Food safety?

Climate change?

Motor vehicle deaths, perhaps?

Well, step aside, you. Republican congressman Matt Salmon of Arizona has decided that the big social problem we must confront and overcome is…

wait for it…

YOGA. Matt S

I’m not kidding. Rep. Salmon has used his valuable discretion and time to write, introduce and advocate for H.R. 5242. The purpose of this bill: “to prohibit executive agencies from using funds for yoga classes or instruction.”

Never mind that in randomized controlled trials, yoga instruction in the workplace has been shown to reduce stress, increase sleep quality, and decrease psychological maladjustment among workers, three factors that affect productivity and workplace effectiveness.

Never mind all that. Yoga is evil. Yoga is the enemy. Yoga must be crushed. So saith the Arizona Elephant.

What say you?

3 thoughts on “Republican in Congress Declares Yoga Public Enemy #1”

  1. lymm says:

    Lol. Matt Salmon is the evil one! What a ridiculous claim. That only proves Matt Salmon have no organic brain left in his head.

  2. Al Hopfmann says:

    From what you have quoted, I interpret that H.R. 5242 is a bill opposing frivolous funding of an activity that has arguably nothing to do with the agencies’ missions. Calling it a stand “against yoga” is dodging or misidentifying the real issue.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      If the agencies’ missions have anything to do with actual cost savings, then Rep. Salmon is being short-sighted: yoga (like other wellness activities in the workplaces) is good for the bottom line of a work unit. By attacking yoga to look good in front of the cameras, Salmon will be actually costing the U.S. government money, not saving it. That’s the “real issue.”

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