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Roll Call: 2/3 Of House GOP Votes To Keep Racist Traitors’ Confederate Flag In National Cemeteries

It’s been said that even though Donald Trump has been conspicuously racist throughout the Republican primary, somehow, the selection of Trump as the nominee of the Republican Party does not indicate that the Republican Party is a racist institution. Trump has been hailed by the majority of rank and file Republican voters, and is now being accepted by the majority of establishment Republican leaders, without protest against Trump’s racist affiliations, actions, and policies, but still, they tell us that the Republican Party isn’t racist.

That argument becomes a lot more difficult after a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives today. That vote was on an amendment, from Democrat Jared Huffman, that would prohibit large scale displays of the Confederate Battle Flag in national cemeteries. The choice by families of individual soldiers to place small Confederate flags by the graves of their ancestors would remain protected. Huffman’s amendment would only ban the display of large Confederate flags over multiple graves or where no graves are present.

The racist associations of the Confederate flag are well known. It stood for the preservation of slavery and the oppression of African-Americans. What’s more, the Confederate flag represented a heinous betrayal of the United States of America, resulting in the deaths of huge numbers of American citizens. That’s what Confederate leaders themselves said.

Yet, the following Republican politicians – two-thirds of the Republicans in the House of Representatives – voted to maintain the display of large Confederate flags in U.S. national cemeteries.

Did they do it to avoid making Donald Trump look bad?

Robert Aderholt
Rick Allen
Justin Amash
Mark Amodei
Brian Babin
Lou Barletta
Andy Barr
Joe Barton
Dan Benishek
Mike Bishop
Diane Black
Marsha Blackburn
Rod Blum
Mike Bost
Kevin Brady
David Brat
Jim Bridenstine
Mo Brooks
Ken Buck
Larry Bucshon
Michael Burgess
Bradley Byrne
John Carter
Buddy Carter
Steve Chabot
Tom Cole
Doug Collins
Michael Conaway
Kevin Cramer
Rick Crawford
Ander Crenshaw
John Culberson
Rodney Davis
Scott DesJarlais
John Duncan
Jeff Duncan
Renee Ellmers
Blake Farenthold
Stephen Fincher
Chuck Fleischmann
John Fleming
Bill Flores
Randy Forbes
Virginia Foxx
Trent Franks
Scott Garrett
Bob Gibbs
Louie Gohmert
Bob Goodlatte
Paul Gosar
Trey Gowdy
Kay Granger
Tom Graves
Garret Graves
Sam Graves
Morgan Griffith
Glenn Grothman
Frank Guinta
Brett Guthrie
Richard Hanna
Gregg Harper
Andy Harris
Vicky Hartzler
Jeb Hensarling
Jody Hice
French Hill
George Holding
Richard Hudson
Tim Huelskamp
Bill Huizenga
Duncan Hunter
Robert Hurt
Lynn Jenkins
Bill Johnson
Walter Jones
Jim Jordan
Trent Kelly
Mike Kelly (PA)
Steve King
John Kline
Raul Labrador
Doug LaMalfa
Doug Lamborn
Bob Latta
Billy Long
Barry Loudermilk
Frank Lucas
Blaine Luetkemeyer
Cynthia Lummis
Kenny Marchant
Tom Marino
Thomas Massie
Michael McCaul
Tom McClintock
Patrick McHenry
David McKinley
mark Meadows
John Mica
Jeff Miller
Alex Mooney
Markwayne Mullin
Mick Mulvaney
Randy Neugebauer
Rich Nugent
Peter Olson
Steven Palazzo
Gary Palmer
Steve Pearce
Scott Perry
Robert Pittenger
Joe Pitts
Ted Poe
Mike Pompeo
Bill Posey
Tom Price
John Ratcliffe
Tom Rice
Martha Roby
Phil Roe
Mike Rogers
Hal Rogers
Todd Rokita
Dennis Ross
Keith Rothfus
David Rouzer
Steve Russell
Mark Sanford
Austin Scott
Jim Sensenbrenner
Pete Sessions
John Shimkus
Bill Shuster
Jason Smith
Adrian Smith
Steve Stivers
Marlin Stutzman
Glenn Thompson
Mac Thornberry
Scott Tipton
Dave Trott
Tim Walberg
Mark Walker
Randy Weber
Daniel Webster
Brad Wenstrup
Bruce Westerman
Lynn Westmoreland
Ed Whitfield
Roger Williams
Joe Wilson
Rob Wittman
Steve Womack
Rob Woodall
Ted Yoho
Donald Young
Ryan Zinke

3 thoughts on “Roll Call: 2/3 Of House GOP Votes To Keep Racist Traitors’ Confederate Flag In National Cemeteries”

  1. Bill says:

    I appreciate my Representative voting against racist political correctness. The party of diversity wants to vilify my ancestors for fighting against tyrany.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Because tyranny means people taking your slaves away from you, and cruelly forcing you to treat other people as actual human beings rather than objects? I pity your poor, poor ancestors. They understood that it’s just intolerable for people to criticize a traitorous militant movement that provokes a prolonged war against their fellow countrymen. Yes, political correctness sure is much more terrible than slavery. Thanks for putting us all straight, Bill.

    2. Jim Cook says:

      Bill, I originally wrote in response: “how sad for you that the circle of your empathy stops at your own ancestors and does not consider others’ ancestors.”

      Then I realized that statement was not really honest.

      How bloody fucking callous of you to draw your circle of empathy tight around your own ancestors while ignoring others’ slave ancestors. Go read an accurate history book and grow a damned conscience.

      There. That’s better.

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