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The American Freedom Party Stands with Trump; Do You Stand Alongside?

This is the perspective of The American Freedom Party on World War II:

“We need to realize the very real threat posed by Muslims, jews, and White traitors, but also foster healthy nationalism, which will effectively prevent us from being sucked into a catastrophic brothers war. The tragedy of WW2, with the judeo-Masonic establishment emerging victorious at the cost of tens and tens of millions of Europeans, is what allowed for Europe to become so weakened that it could not properly stave off the recent waves on invasion. This is why all good nationalists and patriots must put aside petty grievances and fight on the same team.. the right team.. the White team.”

[Source: “The Zionist Jihad Against the Western World and the Coming Crusade.” Kyle Hunt for the American Freedom Party, September 2015]

The White Nationalist Unity American Freedom Party declares that World War II was a tragedy inflicted upon Germans by Jewish people. Are you going to stand for this nonsense? Are you going to ally yourself with the American Freedom Party in the 2016 presidential election?

This is the party platform of The American Freedom Party:

“White Americans should select a party that advocates for issues and concerns affecting European Americans! Change your party allegiance to the American Freedom Party. A Nationalist party that shares the customs and heritage of the European American people. We need a Nationalist Party interested in defending our borders, preserving our language and promoting our culture. The American Freedom Party is not beholden to foreign governments, special interest groups, nor Wall Street. The American Freedom Party is for America First! Political Power for European Americans!”

[Source: “Platform.” American Freedom Party, May 2016]

This is the perspective of The American Freedom Party on Donald Trump:

“A Trump speech has to be experienced in person to really begin to grasp the incredible appeal this man has generated. The atmosphere inside the convention center in Eugene was electric…. Trump is a natural when it comes to public speaking. No notes, great eye contact, lots of hand gestures, exudes self-confidence. He has a circuitous style where he makes a point, then moves on to something else, then circles back, but it all makes sense. His big themes like “yes, we’re going to build a wall” got a yuuge response. (After saying it, he paused a bit, then: “and who’s going to build it?” The crowd knew exactly how to respond. Deafening).

“The effectiveness of Trump as a speaker and the rapt attention and thunderous cheering are big reasons why he terrifies our hostile elites. All those White people screaming for a candidate who is saying things that are anathema to the post-1965 New Elite, threatening to undo the consensus on immigration, trade, and political correctness — the three big factors killing the traditional American majority….

“I suspect there were far more college-age kids inside the arena cheering Trump than outside protesting him—a very good sign indeed. If I had to guess, I would say the average age of the crowd was around 35, and essentially all White. As an graybeard, I was definitely an outlier.

All-White Donald Trump Rally Crowd

“In talking to people at the event, the first reason most came up with in why they support Trump is that he opposes political correctness (although it should be noted that a follow-up question on immigration also showed enthusiasm; one wonders if it’s psychologically easier to oppose political correctness in public)….

“Trump also described his campaign as a “movement.” “We have a movement going on that has never been seen this country. Never. … I am nothing more than the messenger.” This is an excellent tactic because people want to be part of a movement. A movement is more than supporting a candidate who has some good talking points or the GOP label. It’s about being in a “we” group arrayed against an evil, corrupt, dishonest “they” group… The emphasis on Trumpism as a movement reflects the reality that the Trump candidacy is about identity. In particular, it’s about White identity (over 99% of the crowd was White), albeit of the implicit variety.”

[Source: “Donald Trump in Eugene, OR.” Kevin MacDonald for the American Freedom Party, May 2016]

The American Freedom Party stands with the Nazis. The American Freedom Party stands with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. The American Freedom Party declares the Trump candidacy to be a White Identity movement. Yes, Donald Trump is a fascist. Yes, this is how fascism comes to America.

Can you stand to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with this? If not, what are you going to do about it?

[Postscript: You can find the American Freedom Party website and these exact words by using a search engine. I am not providing a web link to their website because web links add legitimacy for search engines and the American Freedom Party deserves no such legitimacy.”

2 thoughts on “The American Freedom Party Stands with Trump; Do You Stand Alongside?”

  1. Al Hopfmann says:

    The “presumptive” nomination of Donald Trump shows why the Republican Party is the “Party of Stupid”. The “presumptive” nomination of Hillary Clinton shows why the Democratic Party is the “Party of Evil”. The Libertarian Party is the “Party of Principle”. But if the Libertarian Party nominates William Weld for Vice President, it will be the “Other Party of Stupid”.
    Your rant against the misnamed American Freedom Party seems well justified. There is no room for racism in a free society. Clearly, that party doesn’t understand this. A pox on them! But racism in America has been much further advanced by most of the Democratic Party and some of the Republican Party. Nobody has a choice of skin color or ethnicity when born. And the individual is the ultimate minority. Yet, the federal and state governments (almost completely run by Democrats and Republicans) continue to be the most blatant racists of all. Look at the racist questions on the 2010 Federal Census form! Consider how many states routinely have public schools report how many students of each of various races make up the student populations. Notice that the abomination euphemistically called “affirmative action” is racist by definition because individuals are legally affected by what their skin color is. And how about the old civil rights violations of sending children to specific public schools because of their skin color? The nonsense of “busing to achieve racial balance” was just as bad as the “separate but equal”. Government should have no authority to classify any people by race. Not in schools, not for voting, not when filling out firearm purchase “background check” forms, not for driving licenses, not for welfare, not for education, and not for anything else.
    As reprehensible as the racists in the American Freedom (sic) Party are, the racists in the Democratic Party and Republican Party are even worse because they have already done more damage.
    Individual racism is bad. Institutional racism is worse. And Governmental racism is the worst of all.

    1. Dave says:

      Well said, Al. I might add, with the number of whites diminishing rapidly in the U.S. it is to be expected that government programs that favor minorities will come under fire, and white advocacy groups will increase in stature, competing with advocacy groups of other races. We are headed for a societal mess that government will not be able to solve. For example, when the U.S. is fifty-one percent Hispanic, how long will affirmative action programs for African-Americans survive? And when freedom of association for other than white minorities (all black dorms, safe spaces, La Raza membership) is seen as a double standard by the then white minority, groups like the ones Jim refers to in this article may well be competing with many “mainstream” type white advocacy groups for preeminence. We are in for a rough ride.

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