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Other Christians Are In League With Demons, Warns Catholic Cardinal

Every year, a group of Christian organizations get together to hold what they call “The National Prayer Breakfast” even though the event doesn’t take place nationwide, and isn’t at all affiliated with the elected U.S. government.

Actually, it turns out that the National Prayer Breakfast isn’t even strongly linked to Christianity as a whole. There are many Christian groups that choose not to participate in the National Prayer Breakfast. The Roman Catholic Church, just to make it clear that its version of Christianity is more extra special than other versions, held its own event last week, calling it “The National Catholic Prayer Breakfast”.

At this breakfast, Cardinal Robert Sarah gave a great long speech to those in attendance, warning that too many American Christians are doing evil things. Among these evil things are allowing equal legal rights for heterosexuals and homosexuals, and using fertility treatments to have babies. Sarah chided liberal Christians, saying, “Sadly, the advent of artificial reproductive technologies, surrogacy, so-called homosexual ‘marriage’, and other evils of gender ideology, will inflict even more wounds in the midst of the generations we live with.”

The cardinal continued to refer to in vitro fertilization and marriage equality not just as evil, but as “demonic”.

According to Cardinal Robert Sarah, liberal Christians are in league with evil spirits from the underworld, using their magic powers to cause human misery around the world by letting people get married and have babies.

I’m tempted to make a sarcastic comment about how these National Prayer Breakfasts are bringing people together in a spirit of mutual respect so very, very well… but perhaps there’s something important that I’m missing. Maybe my belief, that Cardinal Robert Sarah’s accusation of liberal Christians being in league with infernal supernatural creatures is false, is presumptuous.

So, I’d like to open this discussion up to consider that a demonic conspiracy truly is behind the support for marriage equality and fertility treatments from liberal Christianity.

Can anyone out there provide evidence that demons have been involved in the activist movements to help more people get married and have families?

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