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Governor Paul LePage Declares there Are No Minimum Wage Jobs in Maine. Maine Declares Otherwise.

Maine’s Republican Governor Paul LePage appeared on the radio show Maine Calling yesterday to declare his opposition to a minimum wage hike and to make the following declaration:

“I think that if you go out in the marketplace right now and you look at how many companies in Maine are hiring people at minimum wage, you won’t find any. The starting wage right now in Maine is between ten and eleven dollars. I don’t care where you are.”

Maine's Minimum Wage is $7.50 an hour in 2016. GOP Governor Paul LePage says no one in Maine is paid minimum wage. Is that true or not?It doesn’t take long to fact-check that claim. As the Maine Department of Labor website notes, the state minimum wage is $7.50 an hour. A bare five minutes of searching uncovers the following jobs in Maine that pay no more than the minimum:

What Paul LePage claims about Maine’s economy is just not true. To the extent that his declaration is the basis for his opposition to a minimum wage hike, he should change his position. To the extent that Paul LePage is against a higher minimum wage hike regardless of actual conditions in Maine, he should be ashamed of himself.

One thought on “Governor Paul LePage Declares there Are No Minimum Wage Jobs in Maine. Maine Declares Otherwise.”

  1. Name says:

    Trump isn’t doing anything Republicans haven’t been doing for at least since the Gingrich era.
    Now watch conservative/dingbat approval ratings of LePage rise, in response to LePage’s latest ‘blooper’/Palinism…

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