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Trump Plays Games While Animal Populations Careen Around The World

According to a new scientific analysis published just yesterday, if humanity goes along with Donald Trump’s policy of burning all the petroleum we can get out hands on, the planet’s atmospheric temperature will increase between 14 and 19 degrees – CELSIUS. That would turn the tropics into deadly deserts, and make the Arctic warm enough for banana trees to grow in.

We don’t need to wait for that future to worry, though. The effects of climate change are already leading to extreme ecological changes. As populations of large vertebrate marine predators plummet, cephalopod populations are booming to fill in the gap. A third of North American bird species face extinction due to climate change and other impacts from human industrial activities. Florida’s coral reefs are falling apart because of climate change, which increases the likelihood of coral bleaching by 17500 percent. Desert animals and plants are dwindling in their natural ranges.

NASA climate scientist Gavin Schmidt has suggested that so much of this year has already seen record heat that there is a 99 percent chance that, globally, 2016 will be the hottest year on record.

So, what is Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, prepared to do about it? Donald Trump’s business acknowledges that climate change is real, and wrote, in a request for a permit to build a sea wall to protect the Trump International Golf Links and Hotel Ireland in County Clare, that “If the predictions of an increase in sea level rise as a result of global warming prove correct, however, it is likely that there will be a corresponding increase in coastal erosion rates not just in Doughmore Bay but around much of the coastline of Ireland. In our view, it could reasonably be expected that the rate of sea level rise might become twice of that presently occurring.”

As a politician, however, Donald Trump insists that climate change is nothing but a hoax that was invented by the Chinese government.

Climate change is the largest security and economic threat the United States faces, but Donald Trump refuses to take it seriously. That’s just one more reason that Trump is unsuitable to become the next President of the United States.

18 thoughts on “Trump Plays Games While Animal Populations Careen Around The World”

  1. John Makowichuk says:

    Climate chage IS real. Absolutely it’s real. Sea levels are probably going to rise, and there’s probably going to be some major adjustments that humans are going to have to make. That’s life. The earth is in a warming cycle, one of the MANY cycles our earth and cosmos go through that we don’t completely understand. Why don’t we understand them? Because it’s like trying to replay a whole hockey season, with all 82 teams, by watching one face-off through foggy glass.

    Humanity is an ant in the corner of Earth’s eye seen through a blink. We don’t even register.

    You know what DOES register within humanity? Fear. Division. What happened to global cooling? Acid rain? Polar bear extinction? SARS? Y2K? The communist threat? It goes on forever, scaring people so that they don’t realize how messed up the whole system of government, military, and media are.

    STOP IT. Just stop it. Stop fueling these maginary fires of fear, hatred, and division. You’re looking at Donald Trump and global warming instead of having the journalistic integrity to say that you’re better than propaganda.

    I do not accept that you’re not better than that. Do better.


    1. J Clifford says:

      Please? Really? Okay, John. You want evidence?

      This article cites several scientific studies, with links.

      You cite none at all, John.

      You merely vaguely assert that climate change is somehow a Communist plot.

      Do you have any evidence for that, John?

      Any at all?

    2. Al Hopfmann says:

      I’m curious. What hockey season has “all 82 teams”? Certainly not the NHL. And don’t be misled into thinking that “communist threat” is all over. It certainly isn’t. It has just changed some of the names and lead topics to things like Clinton, Obama, and sustainability. Still, you have some good common sense points.

      1. J Clifford says:

        As a practical political point, Al & John, when you start claiming that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are Communists, you lose credibility with everybody except the extreme right wing.

        “_____ is a Communist” is one of the first kook diagnostics most people use when reading political speech.

        1. Al Hopfmann says:

          Be objective. Compare the stated philosophies and Senate voting records of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton with the tenets enumerated by Karl Marx in the “Communist Manifesto”. They are much closer to Marx than to Jefferson. So Clinton and Obama are much closer to being communists than to being Democrats. By the way, did you notice that I used the term “communist”, not “Communist” which infers a political party and an established conspiracy more than a philosophy. Keep calling people who espouse communism “progressives” or “liberals” or some other inaccurate term and you will be the one who shows lack of credibility. The real “communist threat” today is the tsunami of unlimited government. Perhaps you should reconsider opposing it more.

          1. Jim Cook says:

            Have you actually READ Karl Marx? Hillary Clinton has sat on capitalist corporate boards. Marx’s analysis regards ownership of the means of production, which Clinton has no policy proposals whatsoever to alter.

          2. Al Hopfmann says:

            Trying to frame Marxism into a singular concept, “ownership of the means of production”, is a deflection that can easily be exposed by a simple count of the other tenets in “The Communist Manifest” that have little or nothing to do with ownership or production. Be objective. Compare.

          3. Jim Cook says:

            It’s The Communist Manifesto, and communism is actually a fairly small portion of Karl Marx’s intellectual headspace and written word-count. Consideration of economic history and analysis of capitalism are much larger projects of Marx’s than utopian discussions of hypothetical communism.

      2. John Makowichuk says:

        There is plenty. All you need to do is stop listening to the MSM narrative for ONE second, and type in “climate change hoax” into any search engine.

        It’s the same Hegelian diaelectic that we’ve seen since the Fed came into existence. It’s the exact same thing. The peer review is a joke. University students cannot get government grants unless they support the narrative. And the extent of the brainwashing would be unfathomable if it weren’t so common.

        Try, as an exercise, spending an evening researching and putting together a hypothetical paper opposing the narrative. Just as an exercise in integrity, pretend that it’s your side of a debate and your challenge is to argue the point you are arguing now. I’ve done that, and after weighing both possibilities, the science, that is the side of the fence I sit on. It meant I had to change my mind, too.

        If you’re willing to do that, fairly and honestly, I will do the same and debate from YOUR side with all my gusto. If not, then the fact that it is the accusor of humanity for being nefarious (you) who bears the onus of proof is moot. A lie told often enough becomes truth for some, and that is just the way it goes.

        This is a good place to start.

        1. J Clifford says:

          John, this is embarrassing. The scientist you cite is a physicist, not a climatologist.

          The scientist later admitted that presentation shown in the video you share was based upon a half day of Internet searches using Google — not on the basis of any scientific research.

          The scientist said, “I am not really terribly interested in global warming. Like most physicists I don’t think much about it. But in 2008 I was in a panel here about global warming and I had to learn something about it. And I spent a day or so — half a day maybe on Google, and I was horrified by what I learned. And I’m going to try to explain to you why that was the case.”

          This isn’t evidence that climate change is a hoax, John. It’s evidence that you’re basing your ideas on shoddy politics.

          I repeat: This article cites several scientific studies and links to them so that you can evaluate them yourself.

          Can you provide any such citation, John, or not?

          1. Al Hopfmann says:

            Many so-called “climatologists” actually have less experience and practical knowledge about environmental factors than many farmers, hunters, and fishermen. Many don’t understand such critical scientific concepts as buffering, homeostasis, molar heat of combustion, common ion effect, and particulate diffraction. Some of them don’t even know what a “T-test” is, or how to properly analyze statistically. They seem to conveniently ignore factors like bacterial decomposition, noticeable and latent volcanic activity, inner earth heat gradients, and so much more that I find it surprising that they have any confidence in their own conclusions. One of the most important scientific concepts is understanding that there are many factors that you don’t understand. Expressing certainty about things that have many doubts is more like politics than science. People on both sides of the “environmental extremes” should be a bit more humble and less closed-minded.

          2. Jim Cook says:

            Plus, he’s employed by the oil industry think tank The Heartland Institute.

        2. Jim Cook says:

          Unfortunately, the scientist is not a climate scientist. It’s not his area of expertise, and he has admitted that his speech, to which you link, was based on “half a day on Google.”

          See on this.

  2. John Simmons says:

    Are you still using gasoline in your car? Do you still buy petroleum based products I.e. Plastics. Cosmetics, paint for your freaking house??? Then guess what? Your just as much a part of the problem as anybody else. Get down from your soap box and realize that without petroleum based industry this country would grind to a complete stop. Oh but your probably in favor is globalization so once the NWO sets up shop all the ugly stuff like mining for coal and oil can be done with other countries to keep the economy going. Heck, you would probably be ok with buying oil from ISIS. You sure don’t have a problem importing them into America! Why not their oil too? Oh but trump wanting to expand the American economy is a bad thing right?

    1. J Clifford says:

      John Simmons, meet straw man. Nice straw man. You can put words in his mouth. So easy to debate against!

      There is a huge range of conceptual territory between burning no gasoline at all, on the one hand, and lying about Chinese climate change hoax conspiracy theories, on the others hand.

      Donald Trump won’t even acknowledge reality. Trying to expand the American economy with fantasies that are detached from reality won’t work. Adding in another conspiracy theory, like the NWO, which Republicans loonies have been claiming is just around the corner since the 1980s, will only make things worst.

      First, acknowledge reality. Then, you can deal with it.

      1. Al Hopfmann says:

        Don’t let Donald Trump fool you. He is almost as much a part of the Establishment as Clinton and Obama.

    2. Al Hopfmann says:

      Those are good questions to ask Al Gore and the other elitist “leaders” who travel all over the world using those “nasty” technological conveniences that are “damaging” our environment. And of course, most of those elitists travel at other peoples’ expense.

      1. J Clifford says:

        You’re right to poke at Al Gore’s vain posturing, Al, but Gore is not the leader of the movement to confront climate change. Climate scientists are. The elitists you disdain are for the most part trying to resist and delay action to confront climate change.

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