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People Who Throw Rocks to Protest Donald Trump Help to Elect Donald Trump

If you pay attention to what we write here at Irregular Times, you know that we are no fans of Donald Trump. In our estimation, Donald Trump is a bigot, a demagogue, a bully, an abuser of power and dangerously unhinged.

Hold that opinion in your mind while you make room for a second observation: as multiple news outlets have now reported, anti-Trump protesters in Albuquerque and Anaheim have thrown rocks, bottles and flaming objects at people outside areas where Donald Trump has been speaking.

Red Slash through Person Throwing a RockThis is exactly what Donald Trump wants, exactly what Donald Trump needs to get elected. Donald Trump’s exclusionary, anti-immigrant, pro-torture policy message of an Us versus a Them won’t work unless a Them turns up to look scary on national television. Congratulations, violent anti-Trump protesters: you’ve supplied the visual.

It doesn’t matter that violent anti-Trump protesters are a very small and unrepresentative set of individuals. The TV camera doesn’t care about that, the news media doesn’t care about that, and consumers of journalistic reports won’t appreciate that, especially if they’re already disposed to react on the basis of fear.

The best way to battle Donald Trump’s effort to storm into the White House is to provide an inclusive, justice-oriented, love-founded alternative. A rock thrown at someone’s head is none of these.

5 thoughts on “People Who Throw Rocks to Protest Donald Trump Help to Elect Donald Trump”

  1. Jon Sanders says:

    Conspiracy theorists might conclude there could be more to these protests that simple spontaneity.

  2. Al Hopfmann says:

    I agree with your observations and opinions of Donald Trump. Now do you agree with me that Hillary Clinton is not the answer either because she is not “an inclusive, justice-oriented, love-founded alternative”? (Quoting your words in your last paragraph.)

    1. Jim Cook says:

      I don’t think that the question is a binary, Al. I don’t think Hillary Clinton is a policy messiah. You can find a lot of articles here that are critical of her policy approach, going back years.

      However, is she anti-immigrant? No. Does she advocate torture? Not that I’m aware of. Does Hillary Clinton support nationwide exclusion of people from America on the basis of religion? No. Does Clinton support the killing of the families of suspected terrorists? No. Is Hillary Clinton dangerously mentally imbalanced? No.

      Hillary Clinton is not perfect. Donald Trump is a lot farther from perfect than Hillary Clinton.

      I don’t know yet what that means for my vote in November, except that there’s no way on Earth I can imagine myself voting for Donald Trump.

      1. Jon Sanders says:

        I consider myself slightly left of center, and truly think this election boils down making the best of an unfavorable set of choices. The thought of Donald’s finger on the nuclear trigger does give me pause. . . . A great deal of pause.

        1. Jim Cook says:

          Well said, Jon. We’ll have to think very carefully about what the available choices might be. Those choices are almost always greater than as portrayed by the two largest parties.

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