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Gary Johnson Has Policies Just Like Trump’s On The Economy And Environment

Did you hear the news yesterday? Gary Johnson gained the presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party. Johnson is hoping to gather some of the votes of Republicans who don’t like Donald Trump, and Democrats who wish that Bernie Sanders was the Democratic nominee.

What’s not clear is how Johnson can make a persuasive argument, given that Johnson’s policies on the two biggest issues serious voters are grappling with in the 2016 are virtually indistinguishable from Donald Trump’s, and don’t share a thing with the ideas of the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Serious Issue #1: The Economy

We all know what’s happened to the American economy over the last 16 years. The rich and the corporations they control have made out like bandits, profiting from the misery of working people, who they force to work longer hours for less money and thinner benefits, year after year. What would Gary Johnson and Donald Trump do about this problem? They both would make it worse, by lowering legal wages and eliminating the ability for workers to organize for better pay and working conditions.

The effective economic policies of Donald Trump and Gary Johnson are exactly the same: Allow wealthy individuals and corporations to do whatever they want, while removing legal protections from abuse that give the rest of America a decent shot at a fair day’s work.

 Johnson Trump 2016Bernie Sanders has called for the economic playing field to be made more level, so that American workers can share in the wealth that they create. Sanders voters want economic justice for America’s struggling workers, while Gary Johnson and Donald Trump are fighting each other to see which one can represent the demands of the wealthy most cravenly. Neither Johnson nor Trump can speak with any sincerity to Sanders voters on economic issues.

Serious Issue #2: The Environment

Any American who hasn’t noticed how serious the climate crisis has become is in a state of willful denial. Among that group, you can count both Gary Johnson and Donald Trump. Donald Trump says that climate change is a hoax concocted by a secret Chinese committee. Gary Johnson says that climate change will simply go away if only the federal government would let people buy and sell whatever they wanted.

The effective climate policies of Gary Johnson and Donald Trump are exactly the same: Do absolutely nothing while the crisis continues to grow.

Bernie Sanders calls for strong action to confront the climate crisis. Gary Johnson and Donald Trump can’t appeal to Sanders voters on that front.

Really, Gary Johnson and Donald Trump are so close on these vital issues that they ought to consider being running mates for each other.

2 thoughts on “Gary Johnson Has Policies Just Like Trump’s On The Economy And Environment”

  1. Korky Day says:

    Thanks, Peregrin Wood, for one of the better articles on Donald Trump in Irregular Times.
    Often it just publishes typical libel against Trump with little in-depth or new thinking.

    For even better articles, see some that I’ve bought in paper magazines recently.
    A couple of the best are:

    ‘The Mind of Donald Trump, a psychologist’s guide to an extraordinary personality–and Trump’s possible presidency’,
    by Dan P. McAdams, The Atlantic magazine, 2016 June, pp. 76-90. (Now on sale in stores.)
    He’s almost objective, describing Trump’s good and bad points, with only a slight bias against him.

    ‘Carnival or Campaign? Locating Robin Hood and the Carnivalesque in the U.S. Presidential Race;
    What We Might Gain from the 2016 Presidential Race’
    by Nancie Loudon Gonzalez (anthropologist), The Humanist magazine, 2016 May, pp. 12-17.
    Also almost objective, though she’s described as a Democrat.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Acutally, Korky, we have not published any libel about Donald Trump.

      For one thing, in the United States, libel laws don’t apply to speech about high ranking politicians. If they did, Donald Trump would have been hauled into court for the nonsense he says about other politicians.

      For another thing, we don’t publish false information about Donald Trump.

      You don’t like what we have to say about Trump, but it’s not false.

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