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What Republican Style Hard Work Looks Like In The House Of Representatives

Republican politicians are constantly lecturing other people about the need to work hard. Medical care won’t be given to just any sick people, they say, only those that are working hard. Food shouldn’t just be made available to children, Republican politicians say. First, their parents should put them in a child care facility all day long, while the parents work. Students shouldn’t expect to be receive an education like it’s an entitlement. They should have to get a job to pay for it.

You’d think, with all the lecturing that GOP politicians give to other people about the value of a hard day’s work, that they would try to serve as examples of what hard work looks like. That’s not what we see in the U.S. Congress, though.

The Republican Party controls the U.S. House of Representatives, so the Republicans there have the opportunity to work as hard on the issues that matter to them as they would like. It’s a funny thing, though, that under Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, the House Republicans don’t seem to be doing very much at all.

The House Republicans still haven’t come up with a way to fully fund Zika virus research and protections for Americans, crafted a plan to confront climate change, or even managed to overcome distractions about bathroom politics pass an annual energy budget. If the Republicans really cared about hard work, we would see the House Republican leadership arranging for a month of June hard at work on Capitol Hill.

That’s not what’s happening. In the entire month of June, the House Republican leadership has scheduled only two hearings:

– A committee hearing on “Elevating Local Voices and Promoting Transparency for a Potential Monument Designation in Maine” on June 1st.

– A committee hearing on “Coast Guard Mission Needs and Resources Allocation” on June 14th.

That’s it. That’s the entire work schedule that the Republican leadership of the House of Representatives has managed to come up with for the month to come.

Across America, millions of people are working long days at tough minimum wage jobs that don’t even bring enough money to pay for all of their basic needs. In this context, the laziness of congressional Republicans is particularly appalling.

I propose that we pass a constitutional amendment that entitles every American to a guaranteed basic income of a thousand dollars for every week that members of Congress are at work on Capitol Hill for less than five full days.

There’s a big problem with this proposal, of course: Even if members of Congress were inclined to support this amendment, they’re too lazy to do the hard work of actually getting it passed.

One thought on “What Republican Style Hard Work Looks Like In The House Of Representatives”

  1. homas says:

    Lazy grifters. Vote Blue!

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