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Donald Trump’s Advice For Paying Off Mortgage (It’s Genius!)

The Outbrain advertising network, which pumps clickbait headlines and images across the Internet, is publishing a little article under the title Donald Trump’s Advice For Paying Off Mortgage (It’s Genius!).

In what sense is Donald Trump qualified to give working Americans advice about how to pay off their mortgages? Trump has never had to set a household budget on an ordinary scale, or take a second job just in order to pay for food and keep the electricity and water flowing. He has no idea what life is like for the rest of us. He was born a millionaire.

Donald Trump’s life has qualified him only to give the following advice about how to pay off a mortgage:

Step 1: Inherit 200 million dollars from your father

Step 2: Use some of that 200 million dollars to pay off your mortgage

Step 3: Buy a golf course!

3 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Advice For Paying Off Mortgage (It’s Genius!)”

  1. Korky Day says:

    Thanks for this fun notice.
    Of course, as you admit the subject is just clickbait, it might or might not include any facts.
    Donald Trump, of course, is not responsible for any of it.
    His fans like him in spite of (or even because of) already knowing about his wealth.

  2. Next Week says:

    Korky Day is right. Don’t know the
    source of that hearsay quote.

    The best advice to paying off
    the mortgage is if without
    kids, divide house into as
    many rooming spaces as possible.
    Store valuables at another
    address. Collect and pay off.

    Enjoy life more at your own

  3. Peggy Carlisle says:

    What is the point in even mentioning this statement. I can’t see any humor or help. Unless he is saying don’t get a mortgage because that’s about what it will take to pay off most mortgages, more than the house is worth. And more trouble than it’s worth. I say don’t get a mortgage to start with. Don’t start anything you know you will have to reverse the deed done. It will always cost more money

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