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A Freezer Full Of Buddhist Bullshit

In matters of religion, many liberals tend to turn a blind eye to Buddhism. They’ll denounce the harsh ideology of fundamentalist Christianity, criticize the oppressive aspects of orthodox Judaism, and mock the blinkered violence of extreme Islam. When it comes to Buddhism, however, many liberals accept the religion’s public relations at face value. They’ll ignore Buddhist violence and oppression in places like Burma and Sri Lanka, and blabber on about mindfulness and the danger of the monkey mind as if Buddhism is an inherently pure and true faith, beyond reproach.

This week’s raid on a Buddhist temple in Thailand should serve as another reminder that the admonition to question authority needs to apply to Buddhists as well as to anyone else. The temple kept large numbers of tigers in artificially cramped conditions, with many of the animals suffering from untreated diseases, and many human visitors coming under attack.

Governmental authorities moved in to close down the temple’s operations when it became clear that the Buddhist monks there were allowing tigers to breed freely, in defiance of an agreement with Thai officials. This morning, it has been revealed that investigators have discovered the bodies of 40 dead tiger cubs kept in a freezer in the temple. It appears that in order to cover up the temple’s uncontrolled breeding tigers, the monks were killing the cubs as soon as they could get them away from their mothers.

The blatant disregard the temple’s Buddhist monks showed for the welfare of these endangered animals seems to have stemmed from the profits the temple was able to bring in from donations made by tourists who wanted the thrill of walking among the large predators. The fact that it took years for this abuse to come to an end demonstrates that political power can corrupt Buddhists as readily as anyone else.

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