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Paul Ryan Endorses Torture and Putting American Muslims In Prison Camps

Today, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan formally endorsed the use of torture (including methods far beyond water boarding), the mass execution of prisoners of war, the assassination of the children of people suspected of terrorism, and the placement of Muslims across America in prison camps for no reason other than their religious identity.

All these are policies that Donald Trump says he will put into place when he is elected President of the United States.

Today, Paul Ryan endorsed Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, and its violent, fascist ideas.

Remember this on Election Day, Wisconsin.

Donald Trump Endorsed By Paul Ryan

3 thoughts on “Paul Ryan Endorses Torture and Putting American Muslims In Prison Camps”

  1. John Simmons says:

    Fascism from the right. Marxist socialism from the left pick your poison! (Don’t you think you poured it on a little thick with the policies?) par for the course

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Torture is not “par for the course.”
      Mass imprisonment is not “par for the course.”

      I find the Republicans’ acceptance of these ugly features of Trumpism to be both repugnant and alarming.

  2. Peregrin Wood says:

    I poured it on a bit thick?!?

    These are all policies that Donald Trump has himself announced he supports, and now, Paul Ryan endorses them as well.

    Can you tell me who from the Left endorses torture, mass execution of prisoners, prison camps?

    I really don’t see anything comparable from the Left, John.

    It’s Donald Trump who’s pouring it on thick.

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