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Lazy PAC Hustles Voters With Automatic Text Messages For Neal Dunn

Maybe it’s an Orange County thing.

Maybe Neal Dunn is too much of a big deal to meet voters in person, or even to call them on the telephone. He’s a man on the move, a player.

Maybe that’s why the Pro-Dunn political action committee Consumers for Responsible Government chose to use a Spam texting service called Hustle to send automated text messages to massive numbers of voters in the Orange County congressional district where Dunn is running against Democrat Lou Correa. Unsolicited text messages were sent by the PAC on behalf of Neal Dunn, in opposition to Correa.

Hustle is a pay-per-spam service that promises to “send sixteen personal text messages in the amount of time that it would take to make one phone call.”

Who wants to actually make a phone call to voters, after all, or walk door to door to meet voters in person? Having actual conversations with voters would give them the chance to ask questions and talk back. Apparently, that’s something that the Consumers for Responsible Government PAC aren’t comfortable with.

Consumers for Responsible Government, by the way, isn’t an actual public advocacy organization that does anything practical to help make government more responsible, or to help consumers who are dealing with fraudulent businesses. It’s nothing more than a political action committee that funnels money from donors to pay for automated message blasts to try to influence voters in California’s 46th congressional district.

Hustle doesn’t refer to voters as human beings, though. It calls them “leads” that are “like hot cakes: get ’em while they’re hot!”

That’s a funny idea of responsibility.

2 thoughts on “Lazy PAC Hustles Voters With Automatic Text Messages For Neal Dunn”

  1. Lou Correa says:

    The person who wrote this is really stupid lol get your facts right dumbass

  2. Neil Dunn says:
    Would you support Lou Correa with these kind of people supporting him?

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