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Mitch McConnell, You Certainly Could Disagree With Donald Trump More

This weekend, when Senator Mitch McConnell appeared on television to promote the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, McConnell was confronted with questions about Trump’s declarations that Gonzalo Curiel, a U.S. District Court Judge, is “a Mexican”. It didn’t seem to occur to Trump that Curiel could be anything but Mexican, given the judge’s name, but Curiel was actually born in Indiana, which is solidly inside the United States, over two thousand miles away from the border with Mexico.

Later, after multiple reporters told Trump that Curiel was born an American citizen, Trump continued his attack, saying that Curiel is biased because of his Hispanic heritage. Essentially, Trump was saying that no Hispanic judges should be allowed to have anything to do with any case in which he is involved. Later, Trump expanded this racist demand for a ban on Hispanic judges to insist that Muslim judges be banned from deciding any court cases in which Trump is involved.

Donald Trump even had the audacity to say that by establishing a racial and religious test for federal judges, he was standing against political correctness.

Three times in a row today, Chuck Todd asked Mitch McConnell whether he understands that Donald Trump’s call for a racial test for all judges who will sit on the bench is racist, Senator McConnell repeatedly refused to answer the question. Instead, McConnell said of Trump that, “I couldn’t disagree more with what he had to say.”

Is that true? Is it really true that Mitch McConnell could not possibly disagree more with Donald Trump?

One thing Mitch McConnell could do to disagree even more with Donald Trump would be to withdraw his endorsement of the Trump for President campaign. That, of course, is something Mitch McConnell refused to do.

McConnell showed where he really stands on Donald Trump’s racist insults against Hispanics and religious bigotry against Muslims. Barely more than a minute after he claimed to disagree with Donald Trump, McConnell reversed course, and said that all Republicans should support the Trump campaign. “We’re all behind him now.”

When Mitch McConnell endorses Donald Trump for President, and actively campaigns to help Trump get elected, even after what Trump has said about Gonzalo Curiel and Muslim judges, McConnell is agreeing with the idea that the next American President should be someone who claims the right to dismiss judges from U.S. District Court cases for no other reason than their ethnic heritage or religion.

Mitch McConnell’s suggestion that racism and religious discrimination is just some sort of minor character flaw shows how thoroughly saturated in bigotry the Republican Party has become. Donald Trump is the loudest voice of GOP bigotry, but the fact that the Republican Party continues to support him as his racism continues shows that Trump isn’t an aberration. Racist ideology is the heart and soul of today’s GOP.

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