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Political Tarot

On Behance, Daniela Wisniewska has begun to develop a tarot deck with political, rather than medieval mystical themes. Below is her version of the Wheel of Fortune, featuring Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

Political tarot cards

On another card, Donald Trump occupies the role of the Devil.

What substitutions would you make in building a political tarot deck? How could you use such a deck as a political tool? If you were performing an act of fortune telling for one of the remaining presidential candidates, what insights and advice would you give?

One thought on “Political Tarot”

  1. Dayana says:

    Life Imitates LifeHarley, as I see it in my moment of Zen, the two sumo wrestlers were balls and you were the little dick between them.Good luck getting pay toilets approved by the FAA and the Congressional Black Caucus. Pay toilets are racist. It’s bad enough that black people have to be innveoenicnced to show an ID to board the plane, ( but somehow can’t do it to vote ), now they’re gonna have to have a credit card to pay and use the toilet. That, is RACIST!

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