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Congressional Republicans Vote To Keep Americans Breathing Deadly Pollution

In the human lung, ozone is a deadly toxin. It binds with lipids that line the surface of the lungs, disabling the protective substance, causing lung tissue to collapse upon itself. Ozone is also linked to lung cancer and heart attacks. Ozone pollution is created by the burning of fossil fuels, killing millions of people worldwide, and thousands of Americans, every year. It’s far more deadly than terrorism ever has been or ever will be.

In the Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association last year, a team of researchers supported by the National Science Foundation explained that ozone pollution, and ozone-related mortality, can be expected to rise in the future – unless the burning of fossil fuels is decreased. “To reduce the impact of ozone related mortality, anthropogenic emissions including criteria pollutant and greenhouse gas (i.e. methane) need to be controlled,” they wrote. To put it plainly, large numbers of Americans are being killed by ozone pollution every year, and the number of deaths is going to rise unless we get fossil fuels pollution under control.

Yesterday, with the passage of H.R. 4775, the ironically titled Ozone Standards Implementation Act, the House of Representatives chose to block provisions designed to get fossil fuels consumption and ozone pollution under control. H.R. 4775 disables anti-ozone measures that were already been agreed upon and are ready for implementation.

Only 10 House Republicans had the decency to vote against H.R. 4775. As the United States is facing an escalating crisis of deadly ozone pollution, congressional Republicans voted to obstruct efforts to confront the problem.

Many Americans will die as a result of this vote.

Will the American people hold them accountable on Election Day? Are the American people even paying attention?

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