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Miami Shores Criminalizes Vegetables

Within a generation or two, the city of Miami and its suburbs, including the town of Miami Shores, will regularly disappear under the waves. Sea levels are rising because of global climate change, which is being caused by human activities such as habitat destruction and the consumption of fossil fuels.

One way to combat climate change is to stop wasteful activities such as mowing the lawn, which reduces the carbon dioxide consumption of an area of land, and increases carbon dioxide production through the burning of fossil fuels. Lawns that are replaced with vegetable gardens will further reduce the use of fossil fuels to transport vegetables from far away fields to grocery stores, and then to people’s homes. The replacement of lawn with vegetable gardens is a responsible, civic-minded activity. Besides, vegetable gardens are more attractive than artificially short grass that turns brown in the middle of our increasingly hot summers.

Yet, down in Miami Shores, the village government has enacted a ban on the replacement of wasteful front lawns with vegetable gardens. The village government is so zealously anti-vegetable that it is threatening a local couple, Hermine Ricketts and Tom Carroll, with a 50 dollar per day fine if they do not destroy their vegetable garden and replace it with a grass lawn.

The replacement of lawn with vegetable gardens could not, on its own, stop climate change. However, the criminalization of vegetable gardening, and the promotion of large scale lawn mowing, is one aspect of a larger culture that promotes massive waste and ecological destruction.

50 years from now, when Miami Shores is a part of the Atlantic Ocean, will the Miami Shores Village Board finally understand that green beans aren’t the most significant threat to property values in the community?

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