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Germans Form Barrier 5.5 Miles Long Around US Military Base

This weekend, over five thousand Germans came together in a protest against flying attack robots. They formed a human chain five and half miles long around the Ramstein Air Force Base controlled by the United States.

The flying robots, commonly known as drones, have been used for years to drop bombs on targets, controlled remotely by trained human killers who never have to see the people they kill. The robots have repeatedly killed large numbers of children and other civilians.

The Ramstein military base is one node in an international network designed to spread the killer robots across the globe.

One thought on “Germans Form Barrier 5.5 Miles Long Around US Military Base”

  1. ella says:

    Are they right? Would it be better to send in thousands of troops to fight and kill possibly far more civilians – not to mention other men and women who are fighting as well? Dang, there are cold blooded murderers out there with guns, bombs, and knives killing people in the EU and other countries around the world. Perhaps they should be directed to Germany only and save the planet.

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