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Saratoga Springs Erupts In Protest After Local Government Outlaws Sitting Down

In Saratoga Springs, New York, some people felt uncomfortable with the idea that, while they sleep nice and cozy in their homes, other people are struggling just to obtain the bare necessities of life. So, in response, what did the privileged class in Saratoga Springs do? Did they decide to allocate funds to help people struggling with poverty? No.

Instead of helping people in need, the Saratoga Springs city government decided to erase all evidence of poverty from public display in their community. They made it against the law to sit on a sidewalk. Homeless people get tired, you see, and because Saratoga Springs doesn’t have the decency to provide people with enough benches to sit on, homeless people there are often forced to sit on the sidewalk. Therefore, if sitting on the sidewalk is a crime, homeless people in Saratoga Springs will have to go away, to be homeless somewhere else.

If people can’t see poverty, the city government of Saratoga Springs decided, then people won’t have to worry about poverty.

Not everyone in Saratoga Springs is accepting the new anti-sitting ordinance sitting down. Over 50 residents of Saratoga Springs sat down on the sidewalk en masse as an act of civil disobedience against the new law.

The local police were watching, but refused to arrest any of the protesters, because the anti-sitting law is intended only to target people suffering from poverty. The protesters, apparently, were made exempt from the law because they were freshly washed and were wearing nice clothes.

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