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How To Get Involved In Democratic Protests Outside The Democratic National Convention

At the end of July, the Democratic National Convention is going to nominate Hillary Clinton to become the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. There isn’t much of any rejection of this nomination among Democratic Party leaders, but there are many among the rank and file of Democratic voters who aren’t happy about it.

But, what can they do about it?

Actually, there’s plenty they can do. There’s not much that can change the fact that Hillary Clinton is going to be the Democratic presidential candidate in 2016, but Democratic voters are under no obligation to go along with Clinton’s nomination if they don’t want to. It’s a free country.

Many Democrats are going to be applauding Hillary Clinton inside the convention hall in Philadephia, but many other Democrats are going to be protesting the convention. Right now, they’re organizing a March on the DNC.

Love Fear and Hate 2016There’s no official web site for the protesters. They aren’t the sort of Democrats who come to the political game with lots of money. You’ll find their movement on social media sites, which enable distribution of ideas for free, though only to a restricted number of fans, and with a lot of advertising shoved in.

Most of the people involved in the March on the DC are devoted fans of Bernie Sanders, who made an unexpectedly strong challenge to Hillary Clinton this year. Their protests against Clinton will begin on July 25.

Some say it will be the fault of the protesting Democrats if Donald Trump wins the election in November. Others will point out that the responsibility will be Hillary Clinton’s if she fails to convince members of her own political party that she will represent their ideals in the White House.

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