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The Test To See Whether Reverend Richard Lee Is A Phony

Look who knows so much.

Earlier today, Reverend Richard Lee, editor of the American Patriot’s Pocket Bible, Camouflage Edition, got up on a stage in Atlanta, Georgia to introduce a speech by Donald Trump. Lee told the crowd at the Fox Theater that Donald Trump had been “divinely ordered to lead this nation”.

Is Reverend Lee right? Have the heavens themselves decreed that Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States?

I have my doubts. Considering Richard Lee’s credibility, I have only to look at his design of the American Patriot Camouflage Bible which, I have to admit, does indeed have the clever feature of mottled green camouflage coloring on the outside, in order to help Christian believers hide in the woods from their enemies. However, Richard Lee’s Camouflage Bible also has 52 full-color pages, and text that features the words of Jesus in bright red ink.

As soon as a Christian hiding in the woods opens up Richard Lee’s Camouflage Bible in order to read it, bam! Their cover will be blown, with potentially fatal consequences.

That kind of design is not the hallmark of a man who is in touch with the subtle workings of the cosmos.

Maybe I’m wrong, though. Maybe the Christian God has anointed Donald Trump to be the next President of the USA.

Luckily, we don’t have long to see if Reverend Richard Lee is correct. Election Day is in less than 5 months. On that day, we will have a test to determine whether Richard Lee might actually be a modern-day prophet who is in touch with the mind of the supernatural creator of the universe, or whether Richard Lee is just another phony blowing hot air.

In November 2016, we’ll check back to see how this prophecy turns out. In the meantime, believers, do your magic dances to help the holy man of northern Georgia hold true.

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One thought on “The Test To See Whether Reverend Richard Lee Is A Phony”

  1. Cheryl Burrell says:

    Richard Lee is my 1st cousin. My mother and his dad William B, Lee were brother and sister, Richard married before he graduated high school, and his wife, Judy, the older of the two, has planned his career,,down to telling her children that he was NOT the first Pastor of Faith Memorial Assembly of God in Toccoa, Ga. I know he did because I WAS THERE..His continued “friendship” with Ralph Reed (of Jack Abramoff fame) has continued to bother me..Ralph Reed is also from Toccoa,,,His father practiced medicine here until his retirement,,Ralph graduated from Stephens County High School in the mid 70s………I am appalled by this companionism,,….Reed fist gained fame as Pat Roberson’s leader of “something”

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