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Why Donald Trump’s Business Choices Make Him Unfit to be President

Set your political ideology aside for a moment and consider Donald Trump’s business choices.  There are a lot of ways for a person to make a fortune.  You could develop a medicine that helps sick people.  You could invent an information technology that makes it easier for people to communicate.  You could bring food to people who need it.  You could be an engineer who develops an indispensable new tool.

Donald Trump didn’t choose those options.  Rather, he made these kind of business choices:

Common to these three business moves by Donald Trump is the choice to make profit by tricking, fooling, manipulating and taking advantage of others.  No new value was created.  No greater good was pursued.  In business, Donald Trump acted like a parasite.

The job of a president is to look out for other people, not to suck them dry.  Donald Trump’s parasitic past makes him unfit to be our next president.

4 thoughts on “Why Donald Trump’s Business Choices Make Him Unfit to be President”

  1. ella says:

    “The job of a president is to look out for other people, not to suck them dry. ” Jim Cook

    Really? The current administration (Obama) and Congress just set the nation $4.1 Trillion further in debt. In debt to the point that we will cross the $20 Trillion “red line” before Obama leaves office. We already have a “suck them dry” administration in office. What we need is the visionary/entrepreneur who builds skyscrapers and hotels, places of leisure all over the world. The person who knows how to MAKE money NOT WASTE IT at the cost of We The People. All Americans are in the debt soup mix at this time. This last gasp administration of Obama has sunk every man, woman, and child in this nation in ghastly debt that it will take a business genius to pull us out of and still have the society that just partially exists today. Under the current political ideology and all of it’s attending tentacles, (political cohorts) Americans have sunk deeper in debt not only nationally but personally. The artificially low unemployment rate does not reflect the over 3 million unemployed people who are not on benefits any longer. And the internet is now censoring all data and statistics that show the current administration and government statistics in an honest light. We The People.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Trump hasn’t actually built anything for a long time. His business model now is to lend his name to other people’s work for a price to make iffy products more expensive.

      1. ella says:

        Trump is building a hotel in Washington D.C. right now. Or now that he has turned over the family business to his family, you could say that his family is. In fact Trump is not involved in business now at all. Other than that of trying to save the nation that made his lifestyle possible from total ruin. Along with him, if it isn’t too late, he will save the lifestyles of millions of Americans. At the same time making a better lifestyle possible for the rest. That is a huge change that we all need.

        This is how the government is doing business now and will continue to as long as it can if Democrats stay in the White House. What follows is Dictatorship.

    2. Jim Cook says:

      On a separate point, criticizing Trump and criticizing the current administration are not mutually exclusive.

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