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Bankers Call the Tune; Will Clinton Play Along?

They’re not being subtle.

Lobbyists for Wall Street hedge funds, banks, and wealth investment firms have turned the ears of multiple media outlets (source | source | source | source | source) with the message that whatever Hillary Clinton does, she shouldn’t choose Elizabeth Warren as her running mate.  Warren, they’ve declared in no uncertain terms, advocates too much for ordinary citizens and not enough for the interests of big banks. As one Wall Street executive put it, “Warren would be a nightmare to try and manage.”

If Hillary Clinton does choose  Elizabeth Warren to be Vice President, these bankers and wealth investors and hedge fund managers threaten, they’ll refuse to give Clinton any of their Wall Street cash for her campaign.

Elizabeth Warren or Tim Kaine? Hillary Clinton's choice will speak volumes

Who does Wall Street want in the Vice President’s office instead?  A Wall Street lobbyist suggests a name: Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia. “He checks every box,” said one anonymous Wall Street influence peddler. “You could see him step in as president, he is credible with the base of the party, and he’s also comfortable spending time with the rich people you need to raise money from.”

Tim Kaine certainly is popular within the money-raising, institutionalized Democratic National Committee. I don’t know of many people in the rank-and-file base of the Democratic party, however, who find Tim Kaine’s politics to be credible. Kaine’s 2012 DNC convention speech bragged about his record in keeping business happy in Virginia: “We kept our AAA bond rating. We were named most business-friendly state, best managed state.” Tim Kaine campaigned on “making Virginia the best state for business 4 years in a row.” A corporate real estate firm celebrated Tim Kaine as governor for making Virginia the least likely to hassle businesses for their bad behavior. Former DNC Chair Terry McCauliffe nailed it when he said “Tim Kaine represents the future of this party. He’s a pro-business Democrat.” A Daily Yonder profile is equally blunt:

“Kaine kept his pro-business promise, even to the extent of re-appointing a member to the state water control board who had been cited twice for violating the state’s clean water laws he was sworn to uphold. Next, Kaine fully embraced a new coal fired power plant in the Virginia coalfields and stood firm as his liberal base accused him of being owned by the power plant applicant, a slave of coal.”

Let us thank Wall Street for shouting their preference, not whispering. Wall Street money has declared Tim Kaine must come before Elizabeth Warren as Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential choice. If Clinton ignores Wall Street’s associated campaign money threat and chooses Warren as her running mate, we’ll see an indication that she just might stand up to Wall Street when she takes the White House. If, on the other hand, Clinton chooses Tim Kaine as her running mate, we’ll know exactly who’s calling the tune for her presidency.

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