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Claims that Hammers Kill More People than Guns (Follow-Up)

Do hammers kill more people than guns?Last October, I wrote a brief article in which I tracked people veering away from observable reality to falsely claim that “hammers kill more people than guns.”  Such a claim is absolutely, demonstrably untrue.

Since I wrote that article, I’ve received a number of comments by some very angry people who insist that nobody would ever make such a claim. Victor Erimita writes:

“To my knowledge no one has claimed that more people are killd with hammers than with all types of guns.”

“Common Sense” writes:

“It clearly says “rifles” dumbass.”

Doug Book writes:

“If there is anything dishonest about the debate you have framed, it’s your article. I’ve not seen any claims that more people are killed with hammers, clubs, rocks or in swimming pools than with firearms.”

These claims are mystifying, considering that in the article they’re complaining about I quoted five instances in which people proclaimed that hammers kill more people than guns.

I am at a loss to understand what would convince such people when reality lies in front of their very eyes. Perhaps more recent declarations would be helpful Perhaps sheer bulk will help make the point better.  Here are some more examples of people making the absolutely false claim that hammers kill more people than guns in 2016.

DaisyDay7, 1/1/2016: “More people are killed with hammers than guns.”

Paul Mershon, 1/5/2016: “More people were murdered with hammers, bats, blunt instruments, edged weapons, and even bare hands in America last year than were those murdered by guns of any type.”

Roger, 1/6/2016: “The average citizen is more likely to be killed by the ordinary hammer than a gun.”

AlwaysRight316, 1/9/2016: “What about the hammer crowd? More people are killed with hammers than guns. There’s more tyranny for you. At least, by your twisted definition.”

Norse Lord, 1/23/2016: “More people are killed with hammers than guns. This tactic is the ongoing anti firearm agenda of the leftist turds in political scumbag arenas……We will sanitize your world as we see fit to”

Tom Fox, 2/15/2016: “More people are killed with hammers than with guns.”

Brian Baker, 6/15/2016: “More people are killed with fists and feet than with guns. What’s next? You want to ban kitchen appliances, fertilizer, and bodily appendages?”

OK, so that last one doesn’t exactly say “hammers.” Regardless, the more general claim that fists, feet, and other body parts and blunt instruments kill more people than guns do is also demonstrably false.  And yet people keep on saying it as if it were true.  Guns kill more people than hammers.  The FBI has shown that actually, guns kill more people than hammers, blunt instruments and all bodily weapons combined.  You can favor whatever policy you like, but if you need the hammer deaths > gun deaths fake statistic to prop up your belief, it’s time to start questioning that belief.

3 thoughts on “Claims that Hammers Kill More People than Guns (Follow-Up)”

  1. John says:

    Your missing the point entirely with your bias viewpoint. What do the numbers really matter? The point is that if ANYBODY IS MURDERED WITH A HAMMER THAT’S ONE TWO MANY!! So, why aren’t the libtards trying to put a ban on hammers or anything else that can potentially be used to kill someone? Could it be because maybe there’s an agenda in play here?

    1. Jim says:

      You represent your point of view quite accurately.

      1. John says:

        Hey! No need to get nasty here Jim…. Let’s keep it above the belt please.

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