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How Did Donald Trump’s Outreach To LGBT Americans Work Out?

Earlier this year, Donald Trump said that America should ask “The Gays” what they think about his presidential campaign. This week, a large group of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender Americans showed up at Donald Trump’s doorstep in New York City and made a loud announcement of their opinion about Donald Trump’s campaign.

anti-Trump protest

Hint: They’re against it.

A large crowd from Act Up New York issued the following statement at the base of Trump Tower: “Donald Trump continues to advocate discrimination against peaceful muslims while meeting with anti-gay and anti-transgender hate groups. ACT UP NY along with leaders from Muslim, Latinx and LGBTQ organizations will rally in front of Trump tower in New York City against the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s use of the recent massacre at a gay bar in Orlando to polarize Americans.”

Then, the group fell down in simulation of a pile of corpses, featuring the slogan: Silence = Death.

In all fairness, from Donald Trump, silence might just be golden.

Act Up New York also cited crime statistics in its refutation of Trump’s characterization of a recent mass shooting in Orlando, Florida. “According to the FBI, sexual orientation was the motivation for approximately 20 percent of hate crimes in 2013. The majority of those crimes were committed by white extremists or “average Americans,” not Islamic fanatics, as Donald Trump might want the public to believe. The Pulse attack specifically targeted the Latinx community. According to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, the majority of homicides against LGBTQ people in the United States from 2010-2015 were committed against black or Hispanic transgender people,” the group explained.

2 thoughts on “How Did Donald Trump’s Outreach To LGBT Americans Work Out?”

  1. Dave says:

    From Act-Up’s statement regarding peaceful Muslims: Don’t they suspect that peaceful Muslims are an anti-gay group as well? Has Act-Up actually listened to the Imams in America’s peaceful mosques?

  2. Korky Day says:

    He met with someone anti-gay? Wow, he’s the criminal of the century!

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