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A Few Square Feet Of Green

In the middle of a city stinking hot in the early summer afternoon, dominated by dirty concrete, glass, and steel, I looked out a window today and saw a few square feet of green, short grass, moss and a few other plants that had been allowed to grow on a roof. Through that green, I saw a couple birds, pecking for a meal.

Urban green space

“Green roofs can filter airborne pollutants, offset urban heat island effects, reduce carbon emissions, provide flyways for migratory species, in addition to reducing energy consumption,” writes Rebecca Bratspies of the CUNY Center for Urban Environmental Reform.

For me today, however, the greatest pleasure was in finding a small area of that was alive and unconstructed.

One thought on “A Few Square Feet Of Green”

  1. ella says:

    If only others agreed with you. It may be that they have other, serious as well, thoughts on their minds. Trees and green plants bring the oxygen we breath as well as cooler air.

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