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Escalation Summer Hits West Roxbury

This week, large numbers of protesters have been arrested in protest against the construction of a pipeline by Spectra Energy in West Roxbury, Massachusetts. The West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline will carry methane obtained through hydraulic fracturing. Members of the protest group, Resist the Pipeline, claim that Massachusetts does not need the energy that would be provided by the new pipeline, and assert that the claims of eminent domain by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that have cleared the ground under which the pipeline will run were abuses against local authority.

The group also cites climate change, writing that, “With each passing month bringing record high temperatures due to global warming, we know the ongoing business-as-usual buildout of new fossil fuel infrastructure guarantees a cruel and inhumane future for millions of people. Right now, Houston-based Spectra Energy is committing us to this future by building a fracked gas pipeline through West Roxbury.”

26 protesters were arrested in just one demonstration this week. The group is pursuing a longer stretch of protests that it calls Escalation Summer.

The next protest against the pipeline begins at 10:00 this morning at a metering and regulation station for natural gas at 10 Grove Street.

One thought on “Escalation Summer Hits West Roxbury”

  1. ella says:

    If it is one thing I have realized, it is that it no longer does any good to write or talk to you Congressmen. There was a time it would have been possible to simply get up a petition and send it in. Not now. Congress is no longer actually made up of different political ideologies, but of a singular. That singular does not really care what the people want or believe is in their best interests. “Money speaks louder than words.” And if the EU falls apart that will be of serious detriment to the vast power of the New World Order which is already in place, just needed to make it official in the USA. If Donald Trump makes it to the White House – you can guess what he is fighting right now, may well be a trial there. But it is the best thing that will have happened to the US in over 60 years.
    Socialist Republicans and Democrats in reality just do not care about the people.

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