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Why are poor people so angry at rich people??

Question“Why are poor people so angry at rich people??”

AnswerChristina Binkley’s new article in the Wall Street Journal

In the never-ending race to create the world’s most impractical fashion trend, a new entrant is hitting the streets: the all-white designer sneaker. Pristine white sneakers are showing up on the feet of the fashion elite, from Saint Laurent’s $545 Yeah Baby court classic to Tom Ford’s white python tennis shoe at $2,490….

Does an Expensive White Sneaker plus a scuff mark equal trash?Unsullied sneakers are important to shoe aficionados, who have developed their own lingua franca. Clean sneaks are ‘crisp’ or ‘fresh.’ An irretrievably scuffed sneaker is a ‘beater’ and can generally be worn only for very casual use. Except when it can’t. ‘For me, there’s two different types of white sneakers,’ says celebrity stylist Anita Patrickson. For fashion-focused ones like the spotless pair of Allbirds she wore this week, she says, ‘Once they’re gone, they’re gone.’…

Luxury brands often add a little detail to their white shoes, such as the Italian-made $400 Common Projects Achilles, adorned with gold-embossed numbers at the outside heel. The tiny digits depict the style number, European size and color, and serve as a semi-secret logo. To the initiated, they are as valued as the Nike swoosh.

Gucci’s Ace is out this summer in white leather with the brand’s red and green stripes on the sides. Versions for fashionistas offer embroidered hearts or flowers, at prices ranging from $600 to $900. Fendi used studs in its version to create the visage of its designer Karl Lagerfeld in sunglasses. The shoe, called the Karlito, costs $1,000….

For retailers, the obsession for white is a boon, as many people adopt Capac Roberts’ approach. The 38-year-old graphic designer from Los Angeles wore crisp white Vans sneakers in New York’s Meatpacking district on Wednesday. Asked how he keeps the $40 shoes clean, he said, “I buy a new pair.”


2 thoughts on “Why are poor people so angry at rich people??”

  1. Wendy Harbert says:

    After reading this, I am so happy to be poor.

  2. ella says:

    It seems you believe that because white sneakers are a summer fashion that poor people hate rich people. White sneakers were all there were 50 or 60 years ago. Rich and poor alike wore them in the summer. White reflects heat, so white is just a summer color, for sensible people who are involved in outdoor activities. Of course the little “social” symbols that are recognized within a group, are just a social climbing or click thing. Then there are the symbols of the top elite who have “made it”. Okay, young people are really easily impressed and get parents to spend money the “elites” love to collect. And then there are the middle class social climbers that spend more than they can afford – whose money the “elite” loves to collect.

    And then there are those who finally realized what the system leads to. Some wind up hating the rich – for many more reasons. Others realize how simple it all really is and just relax, watch those who suffer great angst trying to reach what they seldom do, while the “elite” are always looking down to step on anyone who trying to take their place at the top. It may not be lonely at the top, but it can be stressful. Why bother with all that money? Who needs a fancy funeral? That is the ultimate end to it all. That any what follows.

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