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Hundreds Protest Climate Inaction In Sydney As Scientists Reveal Climate Change Expanding

2016 is the hottest year ever on record so far, and people all over the planet are rising up in frustration against the inadequate climate action being taken by corporate-friendly national governments. Even where it’s now wintertime, climate activism is strong.

For example, down in the Southern Hemisphere, thousands of citizens gathered outside the Australian Prime Minister’s mansion in Sydney, demanding that the government’s avoidance of responsible action to confront the growing climate crisis. This year, the Australian government forced the United Nations to remove all references to the dying of the Great Barrier Reef, which is undergoing massive die-off as a result of coral bleaching, from a UNESCO report on the impact of climate change on World Heritage Sites around the world. Australia was afraid that tourists wouldn’t come to visit the Great Barrier Reef if they knew that large portions of it have become barren.

The protesters called Prime Minister Turnbull a “climate fizzer”, which apparently means, in the Australian dialect, a great failure.

These protests come as the latest issue of the Nature Climate Change Journal, released just today, shares scientific studies demonstrating that Arctic ecosystems are increasingly looking more like subarctic ecosystems, with the cause of the change statistically linked to human-caused climate change. The journal also shares research that confirms anthropogenic climate change is leading to changes in rainfall patterns in Africa’s Sahel.

One thought on “Hundreds Protest Climate Inaction In Sydney As Scientists Reveal Climate Change Expanding”

  1. ella says:

    Is rain coming back to the African Sahel? Scientists claim that the 4″ more rainfall per year in the Sahel is due to the rise in CO2. Apparently, for the past 15 years, the long drought of the dessert has been reversing and vegetation is increasing. That is probably why the sudden interest in that area by other continental interests. Climate change is benefiting many areas of the planet. People who have lived in an ice covered habitat for millennia may get to see the land again. The desserts may see life again. Where some land will be submerged, other land will become useful again.

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