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The Terrible Truth Behind Trump’s Tirade Against Trade

Right now, Donald Trump is making an angry speech blasting Hillary Clinton for supporting a series of trade bills, such as NAFTA, that resulted in corporations shipping huge numbers of American jobs overseas to factories countries like China, where autocratic governmental suppression ensures that workers are paid pennies to the dollar that American workers would make.

Hillary Clinton fully deserves to be blasted for supporting these trade deals.

There’s something that Donald Trump isn’t mentioning in today’s speech, though: Trump supported those same trade deals that he now blames on Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump, supporting the Clintons’ trade deals, once wrote that, “Outsourcing creates jobs in the long term.” In an article for his troubled Trump University, he lectured people that, “Outsourcing helped companies be more competitive and more productive… I know that doesn’t make it any easier for people whose jobs have been outsourced overseas, but if a company’s only means of survival is by farming jobs outside its walls, then sometimes it’s a necessary step.”

Donald Trump was saying that American workers may suffer from outsourcing overseas under international trade deals, but that suffering is necessary to protect the owners of big companies engaged in oursourcing.

What’s more, Donald Trump personally engaged in outsourcing through NAFTA deals and through exploiting the unrestricted trade status of China that he now claims to oppose. To this day, Trump profits from outsourcing American manufacturing jobs to overseas factories.

The following is a list of the many items that Donald Trump has arranged to have manufactured overseas, instead of in the USA, in order to increase his personal income.

– The Trump Pen – imported by Direct Asia Incentive Limited in Shanghai, China
– Ball point pens, manufactured in Ningpo, China
– Lock Parts for a safe in the Trump Vegas casino – imported by Vingcard Elsafe in Oslo, Norway
– The Trump Umbrella – manufactured in Wanchai, Hong Kong, China
– A salad bowl set sold through Trump Marina Consumer Marketing – manufactured by Taizhou Shuangma Plastics in Ningpo, China
– Salt and pepper shakers and mustard bottles, manufactured by Taizhou Shuangma Plastics in Ningpo, China
– Plastic bags in which to wrap mens’ shirts, manufactured in Kowloon, Hong Kong, China
– Gift boxes to contain luxury bottled water, manufactured in Yantian, China
– Marble tiles, shipped from Italy, manufactured in China
– Paper shopping bags, manufactured in Indonesia
– Paper shopping bags, manufactured in China
– Paper shopping bags, manufactured in Singapore
– Men’s shirts, manufactured in South Korea
– Men’s shirts, manufactured in Vietnam
– Men’s suit jackets, manufactured in Singapore
– Shirts, manufactured in Honduras
– Circuit boards, manufactured in Taiwan
– Trump travel mug, manufactured by Yongkang Xinshidai in Ningpo, China
– Food container sets, manufactured in Shanghai, China, imported through the Netherlands
– Slippers, manufactured in Shanghai
– Handtufted 100 percent wool carpets, manufactured in China
– Christmas ornaments, manufactured in China
– Shoe mitts, manufactured in China
– Wooden furniture, manufactured in China
– Shower heads, manufactured in China
– Emergency kits, manufactured in China
– Elevator parts, manufactured in Japan
– Garment bags, manufactured in China
– Brochures for the Trump Group, manufactured in China
– Hotel room amenities, manufactured in China
– Wooden jewelry boxes, manufactured in China
– Table lamps, manufactured in Taiwan
– Lamp shades, manufactured in China
– Trump Shampoo, manufactured in China
– Trump Conditioner, manufactured in China
– Trump Body Soap, manufactured in China
– Plastic caps, manufactured in China
– Shaving kits, manufactured in China
– Lighting fixtures, manufactured in China
– Aluminum pipes, manufactured in Israel
– Doors, manufactured in China
– Mirrors, manufactured in China
– Night stands, manufactured in China
– Dressers, manufactured in China
– Kitchen utensils, manufactured in China
– Mirrored cases, manufactured in China
– Zipper bags, manufactured in China
– Trump hotel artwork, manufactured in Panama
– Game tables, manufactured in China
– Dining tables, manufactured in China
– Ceramic wall decor, manufactured in China
– Wall vases, manufactured in China
– Desks, manufactured in China
– Beach furniture, manufactured in China
– Towels, manufactured in China
– Bathrobes, manufactured in China
– Decorative accessories, manufactured in China
– Watches, manufactured in China
– Shoes, manufactured in China
– Plush toys, manufactured in Taiwan
– Wooden display cases, manufactured in China
– Jewelry display cases, manufactured in China
– Kitchen towels, manufactured in China
– Shuttlecocks, manufactured in China
– Paper boxes, manufactured in China
– Hurricane glasses, manufactured in China
– Day beds, manufactured in China
– Bathing caps, manufactured in China
– Cotton pads, manufactured in China
– Energy Drinks, manufactured in Israel
– Duffel bags, manufactured in China
– Empty wooden barrels, manufactured in France
– Gift card boxes, manufactured in China
– Sample drinks, manufactured in Belgium
– Imitation jewelry, manufactured in China
– Conference tables, manufactured in Australia
– Cosmetics, manufactured in China
– Purses, manufactured in China
– Books, manufactured in China
– Pet products, manufactured in China
– Boilers, manufactured in China
– Wooden trays, manufactured in the UK
– Women’s pants, manufactured in China
– Abrasives, manufactured in China
– Alloy table decoration, manufactured in China
– Bow pins, manufactured in China
– Hangers with the Ivanka logo, manufactured in China
– Automotive parts, manufactured in Germany
– Mattresses, manufactured in Japan
– Rubber soles, manufactured in China
– Agricultural equipment, manufactured in France
– Anaesthesia circuits, manufactures in Singapore
– Glass cups, manufactured in South Korea
– Cotton swabs, manufactured in China
– Women’s dresses, manufactured in China
– Bathing suits, manufactured in China
– Flexible magnets, manufactured in China
– Glass bottles, manufactured in China
– Cosmetics bags, manufactured in China
– Stools, manufactured in China
– Chairs, manufactured in Italy

This isn’t even close to all the products Donald Trump sells that are made in outsourced factories in foreign countries. If you want a president who is committed to bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States, Donald Trump is not the candidate for you.

7 thoughts on “The Terrible Truth Behind Trump’s Tirade Against Trade”

  1. ella says:

    Thank you J Clifford. You have answered a question quite admirably. Trump is telling the truth, he can bring jobs back to America!

    1. J Clifford says:

      Wait, no. No, Ella.

      Did you read this at all?

      Donald Trump is campaigning on the premise that outsourcing to foreign countries DESTROYS jobs. That’s why he is attacking Hillary Clinton on trade deals.

      A decade ago, Donald Trump was claiming exactly the opposite, saying that outsourcing manufacturing to China creates jobs.

      Also, for years and years, Donald Trump himself has been sending jobs overseas, mostly to China – exactly the sort of thing he says is wrong when Hillary Clinton does it.

      Trump can’t have it both ways. Either outsourcing destroys jobs, or it creates them. Either he has been destroying jobs by outsourcing business to China, or he will destroy jobs by ending outsourcing to China.

      Either way, Donald Trump has gotten this issue dead wrong.

  2. ella says:

    “A decade ago, Donald Trump was claiming exactly the opposite, saying that outsourcing manufacturing to China creates jobs.”

    Yes, I do get it. Trump has lived another 10 or more years and has seen what he did not foresee then. He can indeed bring thousands of jobs back to America. He quite obviously has realized that what he did then was not in the national best interest.

    1. J Clifford says:

      But, Ella, Donald Trump hasn’t stopped outsourcing jobs to China.

      He SAYS he’s against sending jobs to China. He blasts Hillary Clinton for supporting trade agreements (that he also supported) that ended up sending jobs to China. He keeps on sending jobs from his own businesses to China.

      How can you possibly think that Donald Trump is a credible candidate for bringing jobs back to the USA?

      1. ella says:

        Well, I just did some quick checking and see that “Duckface” is being made in China, 2016. Have you seen it? That is hilarious! A genuine “kiss my ____” toilet paper! Not in my house, but … Is there anywhere in America that would make it? Okay, I am serious now and obviously he is still having products made in China, but he has not denied that. What I am saying is that he can bring some of that back to the US or have US companies enter into those markets. I think, with that guidance a President gets, Donald Trump will have a blast bringing America back into the prosperous end of global economy. The Socialists/Progressives/Democrats/Globalists – the name is really stretching out there these days – will only continue to drag down the economy.

        1. Juniper says:

          Ella, what you write is like looking at a man who is cheated on his wife repeatedly and saying that he can bring honor and dignity back to the family.

          1. ella says:

            Juniper, honor and dignity have nothing to do with that Trump product. Even those who practice a dignified composure in certain surrounding, have humor in others. Honor has to do with many things, like business, in which there are variations. I practiced both by not posting a link to the offending article. However, it had nothing to do with the state of marital fidelity. And I know there is a huge market for such novelties all around the world. The point being that Trump has a large and varied production line in his portfolio, and the capability of expanding his knowledge of these things for the benefit of the entire American public. Sorry my momentary humor offended your sensibilities.

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