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A Demonstration Of The Freedom To Go Where You Want To Go

The United States of America was built upon waves of invasion, as Europeans swept across the continent, taking what they wanted, without regard for the people who were already living here. For generations, the borders of the United States were open to all those who might cross them. It was simply beyond imagination to restrict access to more than a few bridges and ports.

These days, Americans’ vision of freedom of movement has become more narrow, and immigration has become a luxury only allowed to a few.

Americans are more than happy, however, to have cheap food, cheap hotels, cheap transportation, cheap child care, and all manner of other cheapness. So, they allow a hypocritical system in which people are encouraged to enter the country illegally, to work for cruel bosses who pay them illegally low wages.

We demand prices that can only be maintained through the use of undocumented workers, but then reject undocumented workers as shameful criminals.

President Barack Obama came up with a system of resolving some of this hypocrisy, by providing a route to citizenship for some undocumented workers in the United States, but the Supreme Court struck down Obama’s resolution as unconstitutional.

In response, political demonstrations have erupted across the country. Powerful lobbies for businesses that profit the hypocritical status quo have restricted the movement of people across America’s borders, so this week, pro-immigrant protesters have blocked the movement of traffic along America’s roads.

On Monday, protesters blocked traffic in downtown Atlanta. Yesterday, protesters blocked an expressway exit ramp in Philadelphia and in Hartford, Connecticut.

Is it fair that people trying to move along public streets were delayed by these protests? Maybe not, but as long as those same cars can pull up to restaurants to buy cheap food made by underpaid people who weren’t granted the freedom to enter the country legitimately, the delays in traffic carried more than a hint of justice.

They’re not allowed to cross the border, so they stepped right into the middle of the street.

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