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The Top-Selling Shirt at Trump Rallies: What Does it Say?

Outside Donald Trump’s presidential campaign speech in the city of Bangor today, a vulgar shirt was for sale all around the event.  One one side the shirt read “Hillary sucks, but not like Monica.”  On the other side the shirt read “Trump That Bitch.”  The vendor sells this shirt at Trump speeches across the country and told me personally that “it is my top seller, no contest.”

What does it say about the world view and moral values of Trump supporters that this is their favorite shirt?

What does it say about the world view and moral values of Donald Trump that his campaign speeches feature this shirt for sale?

14 thoughts on “The Top-Selling Shirt at Trump Rallies: What Does it Say?”

  1. Robert Comer says:

    I call him T-RUMP and this is another good reason. Crude is too nice of a word for this billionaire Chump. Instead of the Trump Tower or one of his resorts, I suspect he actually lives in a septic tank, given that what is in septic tanks is what is constantly coming out of his fish-face mouth. Anyone who supports T-Rump or would vote for him must have flunked K-garten and maybe more than once! T-Rump reminds me of Adolf in a lot of ways. He’s a mental case and there is no way to really know what he might do IF he got (heaven forbid) into the W.H. The (R)at Party knows he will lose to Hillary IF he’s on the November ballot SO—WATCH OUT–the CLE convention may turn out to be a giant riot. The (R)at bosses will try to do anything they can to get him OFF the ballot, like get most or all of his delegates to abandon him. Just imagine (!!!!) what that might cause in the Q arena. My suggestion would be to stay many miles away from the Q in July.

  2. ella says:

    Jim Cook, do you know that Donald Trump is featuring this shirt? Or is some savvy entrepreneur out there catering to the American public. American education and entertainment has taken its’ toll on the minds of once children – now all grown up. Train a child up the way you want him to go and he/she will not change in their old age. Not a perfect quote, but fitting. We altered the high standards of American education to accommodate a different cultural demographic back in the 1960’s. That is what now – nearly 60 years ago. Of course that was in public education, those who were privately educated over these decades have a slightly different view. Trump is tuned to the American people and their needs. Hillary/Democrats are tuned to their personal needs and those who are willing to feed them for that which is tossed their way. Which is tempting.

  3. John says:

    If that’s the worst thing the libtards have said about them they should consider themselves lucky. I mean if your someone the Clinton’s don’t like you could end up dead like the star witness set to testify against Hilary that they found dead in his house a couple days ago from his barbell being dropped on his throat. Why don’t you ever talk about that?

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Because it’s a delusion.

  4. Korky Day says:

    ‘ella’ is right about Trump not being responsible for the shirts. That’s a point obscured by writer Jim Cook. Poor journalism.
    Similar shirts might be sold around Hillary’s rallies. Oh, yeah, not enough people go to them to warrant selling many shirts.

    ‘ella’ is wrong, though, to blame us 1960s radicals for crude views and talk about women. No, we were the feminists and pro-feminists. Public education became less sexist, not more. That today’s enduring sexists make such shirts is deplorable.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Korky, it’s the top-selling shirt among Trump supporters. Can’t wiggle around that.

      1. Korky Day says:

        Trump will lead his more backward supporters to better politics, I think, Jim Cook.
        Be thankful that he is, otherwise they’d go for nutso or Nazi parties.

    2. ella says:

      Korky Day is right that the 1960 Flower Power movement was the top of the feminist movement, but going bra-less didn’t do a lot to point out women’s ability to use their brain and be of value in society. It has taken a lot of work (literally) to make that point. But, as it is with men, women are not all best suited to any one given profession or activity. Some are suited to be in the military. Some naturally have a scientific skill in mathematics, or the curious mind of a news reporter. Some are natural parents, happiest when being around children and making a home – is a happy place to be. Some have left the “nest” behind and are now seeking peace, or entertainment, maybe just something to do with their hands, to occupy their mind. Politicians are a type that takes a lot of energy and people skills. Hillary is missing that as well as the ability to lead or care for the nation. And you are right, Korky Day, there simply are not enough people at a Hillary rally or photo op, to make selling anything worthwhile.

      1. Korky Day says:

        Good points, ella, though going bra-less is still a freedom everyone deserves if they want to.

        1. ella says:

          New T-Shirt: Donald Trump and Mike Pence! 🙂 Make American Great Again!

          Thank you Korky Day. It not only is a freedom, it is the “style” in many societies, most rain forest regions.

          1. Korky Day says:

            And at our local nude beach.

          2. ella says:

            “And at our local nude beach.” True, true. There are the naturalists that we so admire. It is America and there really are people of every persuasion who live here. Normally we live in peace, if not harmony, albeit separately, for the most part anyway. So many different cultures living in such close proximity are bound to have differences from time to time. And then there are the (to me) unfortunate cultures of violence in some areas that seem to break out of their bounds as the opportunity arises.

          3. Korky Day says:

            Naturalists are nature scientists, usually clothed. Naturists are nudists. Otherwise you’re right. Nudism is a great way to counter the Muslim influence of body shaming with their headscarves and such.

          4. ella says:

            Korky Day 🙂 I guess I thought being “natural” had become a science. Jim Cook is trying to use “Trumppence” as a word in a sentence. I define it as: Off the Fence, vote for Trump & Pence. But how would you use that in a sentence? Want to help him out?

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