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Donald Trump’s Secret Plan to Win the War

Donald Trump has a plan to win the war against ISIS.  It has many specifics in it, as he revealed to Bill O’Reilly last week:

Bill O’Reilly: The ISIS battle should be a major presidential campaign issue if Hillary Clinton is going to continue the policies of Barack Obama, every American should know that. On the other side Donald Trump needs to get very specific about his plan to defeat ISIS and the jihadi. He should spell it out. And that’s the memo.

Now, to the top story. Let’s bring in the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump who joins us now from Bangor, Maine. So, I’m looking for specifics tonight, Mr. Trump, do you have any for us?

Donald Trump: Well, I do have them and I hate to give them out because frankly if I win, it looks like I have a pretty good chance of winning, I don’t like to be giving out all of this information. I’d like to just go and do the job. If you look at General Patton he wasn’t one to give out information on television and then do whatever he has to do.

Donald Trump secret plan to win the war ... shh! The specifics are secret but of very high quality. Donald Trump guarantees this!Donald Trump has the specifics. He’d tell you about the specifics if he wanted to. He just doesn’t want to. It’s a secret plan with many secret specifics. You should know, however, that this secret specific plan is an amazing secret specific plan. Donald Trump knows secret specific plans. Donald Trump makes the best secret specific plans. They’re terrific secret specific plans of very high quality. Everyone agrees about this.

5 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Secret Plan to Win the War”

  1. Dave says:

    Jim, is this not just a little insulting to your readers? I would think most people understand the importance of keeping plans under wraps, when there are those with the means and the will to undermine those plans. What advantage do you think a president would have over the enemy if he/she telegraphed his/her intentions? Wouldn’t the enemy use the specifics of those plans to make specific preparations for a defense, or counter-offense?

    A post like this only serves to make a candidate with average mental fire-power look really smart.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Uh, no. There are a lot of specific approaches to handling a war, or a military conflict, or whatever Donald Trump might be planning, that can be communicated. Donald Trump has been for more than a year shouting from the rooftops not only that his plan to smash ISIS is amazing, brilliant, tops, the best, but even that HE is the ONLY ONE that can get ISIS. That’s a crazy bold claim, and bold claims need evidence.

      The idea that we ought to just take a blowhard’s word that he is as amazingly stupendously brilliant as he says he is, and that he just needs to keep all evidence of his amazing stupendous brilliance under lock and key for reasons of strategery, is not only an insult to the idea of representative democracy but absurd on its face. We tried the “trust the dear leader in war” approach under George W. Bush and look how THAT turned out.

      Uh uh. No. Not again.

      1. Dave says:

        There is, I think, a general feeling that the current administration is unwilling to destroy Isis, and I think Trump takes advantage of that by fostering, through his bluster, the notion that he is the only candidate who is willing, rather than the only one who can. The voter will leave the means up to the one who made the campaign promise. Voters did not ask for Roosevelt’s war strategy before re-electing him at the threshold of war with Japan. He just claimed he was the man to see it through. That’s really all they want to hear.

        1. Jim Cook says:

          Dave, if you’re trying to talk to me about strategy for winning elections, then I think you have a point. Donald Trump sure is good at manipulating people’s perceptions, like most narcissists.

          If, on the other hand, you’re meaning to say that voters like the ones you’ve just described are making any kind of sense, then I couldn’t disagree with you more. It’s just plain nutty to imagine that Barack Obama is rubbing his hands together in the Oval Office hoping that ISIS continues on. I hope you agree with that assessment.

          Donald Trump claiming to have secret details may be campaign gold; but it’s also B.S., not harmless B.S., but the very kind of B.S. that greased the skids for a war that not only killed huge numbers of people but messed up the Middle East into its current form.

          1. Dave says:

            I agree with your assessment regarding Barack Obama, but voters seldom do make sense. They gave us Bush and they gave us Obama. Few voters have any real clue to the agenda, public or private, of the parties the candidates represent when entering the voting booth. I read one survey that suggests as many as 75 percent of voters don’t really know who they will vote for until the last minute. As I’ve said here before, voters vote how they feel, not what they think.

            I read somewhere that the Orlando shooter’s father has been a guest at the White House. That alone informs me of nothing, but I can imagine how that would make people feel if they heard about it. Actually, it makes me feel kind of weird myself, though I do my best to vote according to what I think I know, and not according to how things make me feel.

            Just trying to make an observation about how I think voters “feel.” One can argue with facts, but feelings are another matter.

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