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Jay Faison’s ClearPath Action Abandons Conservative Clean Energy Principles To Prop Up Struggling Rob Portman

When it comes to clean energy, wealthy businessman Jay Faison talks a good talk. Faison talks about selling one of his businesses in order to set up the ClearPath Foundation, dedicated to supporting what he calls “conservative clean energy” policies. “I believe with conservative clean energy, we can advance small government ideas while doing best by our country and by our children,” Faison says. It sounds like a noble thing to do.

What ClearPath is actually doing, however, is the opposite of supporting conservative clean energy policies. Faison’s ClearPath Foundation has set up a ClearPath Action super PAC, which is propping up political candidates who oppose clean energy policies, and in doing so, betray conservative principles.

One of the anti-clean candidates being propped up by ClearPath Action is Rob Portman, running for re-election to the U.S. Senate in Ohio.

Portman has a long history of voting against clean energy. Under George W. Bush, Portman voted in support of big government subsidies for fossil fuels corporations. That’s not supporting clean energy, and it’s not conservative.

Just four months ago, Rob Portman voted to preserve tax breaks for fossil fuels. That vote wasn’t just against clean energy, it was in favor of big government choosing the winner in the energy markets. It’s laughable to claim that giving outdated industries special tax breaks just to keep them in business is conservative.

Instead of supporting clean energy, Rob Portman repeats fossil fuels industry talking points, claiming, in contradiction to what the scientific literature itself says, that there isn’t any evidence human beings are causing global warming.

Why is Rob Portman so strongly opposed to clean energy? He’s taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from fossil fuels corporations.

clearpath foundation jay faisonAs a part of his anti-clean energy policies, Rob Portman has endorsed the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, who has called global warming a “hoax” he claims was invented by the Chinese government. Trump has also presented a plan to expand fossil fuels pollution, rather than working toward clean energy.

ClearPath Action is also spending money to support other Republican politicians, such as Kelly Ayotte, who have endorsed the anti-clean energy presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

It seems that what Jay Faison really cares about isn’t clean energy, or true conservative political principles.

Jay Faison’s ClearPath Action super PAC look like just another tool for funneling money to old dirty economy Republicans, favoring party loyalty over what’s actually good for the country.

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