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Which Members Of Congress Really Oppose Bureaucracy And Big Government?

There’s a lot of talk coming from members of Congress about their opposition to big government bureaucracy, but talk is cheap. Which members of Congress are willing to take a specific stand to reduce the size of government spending and bureaucracy?

H.R. 5540 offers a test of political will on big government bureaucracy and spending. The legislation, also known as the Military Infrastructure Consolidation Efficiency Act, would reduce bureaucratic red tape in the process of eliminating unnecessary spending. The legislation would also provide for additional local community input into deliberations about the closure of strategically unnecessary and financially wasteful military facilities.

Reduce government spending? Check.

Reduce government bureaucracy? Check.

Shift power from big government to local communities? Check.

These are all things that Republican members of Congress say that they support.

So, how many Republican members of Congress actually support H.R. 5540?


All of the members of Congress sponsoring H.R. 5540 are Democrats.

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