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Congressional Republicans Declare Open Season On Sage Grouse And Prairie Chickens

A few days ago, the Republican Party took the dramatic step of adding a plank to their platform specially dedicated to opposing the listing of the prairie chicken as an endangered species. Yesterday, Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives took up the crusade against endangered birds of America’s open lands.

The lower house of Congress worked through H.R. 5538, an appropriations bill for the department of the Interior. Within that legislation were contained prohibitions, drafted by Republican politicians, blocking any spending to protect the greater sage grouse or the prairie chicken. Representative Don Beyer introduced an amendment seeking to remove these blocks, but yesterday, Republicans prevented that amendment from being passed.

What do Republican politicians have against these native fowl?

It turns out that big oil corporations want to get the sage grouse and prairie chickens cleared out so that they can drill for dollars. Fossil fuels executives are angry that they currently can drill on only 3.5 million acres of federal lands where the grouse and prairie chickens live.

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