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Success Tips From Arnold Schwarzennegger

This morning, Twitter brings me the following tip from Arnold Schwarzenegger:

“You can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.”

Think about it.

With your hands in your pockets, how are you going to inject the steroids?

With your hands in your pockets, how could you point your finger at other people and lecture them about why they’re such losers?

Thanks, Arnold.

One thought on “Success Tips From Arnold Schwarzennegger”

  1. Actual.ThinkingisBetter says:

    AAAnold was a monster as Gov of CA and his just-like-T-Rump attitude hurt a lot of CA citizens–but not the Real Rich ones. SO, hey, Awful AAAnold, take a one-way trip to Mars and play Mobile Strike up there ’til you croak. You = good in movies, mad and bad in every other way or should we forget YOU knocking up that Hispanic housekeeper? NOPE! As the Brits say, “F OFF!”

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