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Is There Anybody Whose Mind Will Be Changed By The Republican Convention?

Starting today, the Republican National Convention that will officially designate Donald Trump as the GOP presidential nominee will grab a substantial portion of the news. It’s not at all clear, however, what the convention will do to actually make news.

Donald Trump has already given more than enough insight into his character and political philosophy to persuade voters to either support or oppose his candidacy.

The convention rules have already been set to prevent any activity that could shift the presidential nomination to anyone but Trump.

The Republican Party platform has already been revised.

Mike Pence has already been selected as Donald Trump’s vice presidential nominee.

We already know who the Democratic presidential nominee will be, and we know her political agenda, informed by a long public history that has been thoroughly scrutinized.

The only reason I can think to watch the Republican convention is to watch for mistakes and outrages, but there have already been sufficient mistakes and outrages from Donald Trump and Mike Pence over the last year to make 10 conventions titillating. There’s not much the Republicans can do to kick it up a notch.

Given this, how many voters will watch the Republican convention this week and change their minds about who to vote for in November? What kind of voters could possibly have not already made up their minds?

One thought on “Is There Anybody Whose Mind Will Be Changed By The Republican Convention?”

  1. Jim says:

    Donald Trump is so very clear about who he is that I can’t imagine anyone with a significant attention span who’d remain undecided about him. He’s kind of like George Wallace that way.

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