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Inspiring Democratic National Convention Brought To You By Corruption From Wealthy Elites

Didn’t those speeches at the Democratic National Convention tonight make your heart swell with hope and pride?

These messages, in which Democratic politicians promise that Hillary Clinton will serve the working people of America, were brought to you by tens of millions of dollars from extraordinarily wealthy elites. We won’t be told exactly who donated what until the Democratic convention is over, because nobody wants to allow revelations of political corruption to disrupt a great infomercial, but we do know that the Democratic Party set its convention fundraising goal at over 50 million dollars. This year, because of legislation eliminating public funding for party conventions, 100% of the slick production you’re seeing on television was paid for by private donors.

The maximum donation to the convention allowed by law is $100,200.00 per individual. Can you imagine how stinking rich a person has to be in order to write a check for one hundred thousand dollars? Do you think the people who made these donations won’t be given special access to talk policy with Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, and other Democratic Party leaders?

(Source: U.S. Public Interest Research Group Guide to Convention Funding for the Democratic National Convention)

If you’re a Republican thinking that you can gain points for Donald Trump by spreading the news of the Democratic convention’s corruption, think again. The Republican Party plays the same game, accepting donations to its national convention from wealthy elites just like the Democrats do. In fact, the Republican National Convention of 2016 is projected to have taken tens of millions of dollars more in corrupt payoffs than the Democratic National Convention of 2016.

(Source: U.S. Public Interest Research Group Guide to Convention Funding for the Republican National Convention)

Republican national convention corruptionThe final figures won’t even include the corporate sponsorships of the huge number of events giving free venues, meals, and take home presents to Democratic and Republican convention delegates.

Consider the spending behind just one example: The breakfast held just for the Texas delegation on just one day of the Republican national convention. Senator Ted Cruz gave his “principled” speech of defiance against Donald Trump in front of a sign announcing that the breakfast had been paid for by Expedia, AT&T, General Motors, Chevron, Dow Chemicals, Phillips 66, Toyota, MCNA Dental, Charter Communications and other corporations. Those must have been some mighty pricey grits being served in that room.

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