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Another Deadly Attack! How Many More Must The World Suffer?

First the attack in Orlando, and now this… Yesterday, between 14 and 28 people were killed in a series of bombings that appear to have been coordinated by an organization that has been training its members in multiple methods of deadly attacks.

The same organization killed 56 people in attacks two weeks ago.

When are people going to finally break the silence and demand that we stand up to these blood mass killings…

… hold on, wait a minute…

… hmmm …

… It turns out that the organization that conducted the attacks that killed these scores of civilians was the U.S. military. So, that’s all right, then. Nothing to worry about. Go on about your business.

One thought on “Another Deadly Attack! How Many More Must The World Suffer?”

  1. Charles Manning says:

    Thanks for the observation. You’re appropriately mocking people who tacitly or expressly advise us to ignore the casualties caused by the U.S. and its allies – which are much more numerous than the death toll from even the most successful terrorist attack in modern times, 9/11 – while at the same time expressing extreme anger and outrage at the modest losses due to Islamic terrorism. (By the way, that anger is somewhat muted when the deaths are caused in incidents not described as Islamic terrorism, like Virginia Tech, Aurora, Sandy Hook, and South Carolina church massacre.) You point out something that deserves a lot of careful attention. I don’t have the time to elaborate right now, and so I’ll wait to see what others make of this before laying out my views.

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