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Donald Trump Says He’s Going To Stop Being Nice

Donald Trump announced yesterday that he’s going to stop being nice.

“I don’t have to be so nice anymore, I’m taking the gloves off,” said Trump at a rally in Colorado Springs. “No more Mr. Nice Guy!”

Can someone identify any moment from his presidential campaign when Donald Trump has been nice?

You can’t make a big show of the gloves coming off when you’ve never had gloves on, Mr. Trump.

If Donald Trump truly believes that he has been waging a nice, sweet campaign so far, what are we in for next?

No More Mr. Nice Guy Donald Trump

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump Says He’s Going To Stop Being Nice”

  1. Actual.ThinkingisBetter says:

    I call him T-RUMP for obvious reasons. He’s not fit for any public service job and I wouldn’t trust him to walk a dog. T-RUMP is the absolute worst candidate for Pres in U.S. history. His candidacy is also indicative of the very deep rat hole the Greedy Old Party is in. Suggestion for T-RUMP: divorce the Playboy bunny and marry someone closer to the real You, namely Rotten ex.Faux jerk Ailes. A perfect couple, huh?? Turds of a feather fly together.

  2. Jim says:

    In other news, Louis C.K. vows to stop being so serious all the time, Pee Wee Herman warns his future persona won’t be butch like it used to be, Sarah Palin declares she’s going to stop hitting the books so hard and Paula Deen will start adding butter to her recipes any day now.

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