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Merchandise Sums Up Pro-Trump Argument: Hillary Clinton is a Bitch

Buttons From Trump Rally in Portland, MaineAs I write this post, Donald Trump is in Portland, Maine, claiming that his political detractors are trying to “give me the electric chair… execution, maybe worse.”  Outside Merrill Auditorium, Donald Trump’s supporters are buying these buttons (thanks to Steve Mistler of MPBN for snapping the photo):

Trump 2016: Finally Someone With Balls

Lifes a Bitch, Dont Vote For One

KFC Hillary Special: 2 Fat Thighs, 2 Small Breasts … Left Wing

Say No to Monica’s Ex-Boyfriend’s Wife in 2016

When Donald Trump came to Bangor, Maine in June, the top-selling t-shirt message read  “Hillary sucks, but not like Monica / Trump that Bitch.”

Political button makers sell what political supporters buy, and the message that Trump supporters seem to be most interested in buying is fairly simple:

Donald Trump speaking in Portland, MaineDonald Trump has testicles. Hillary Clinton doesn’t. Hillary Clinton isn’t a man. Hillary Clinton is a “bitch.”

It doesn’t matter what Donald Trump says or does — he’ll never dislodge supporters who buy these buttons and shirts from his side?  Why?  Because of something that will never change: Donald Trump has testicles. Hillary Clinton doesn’t. They’ll never vote for a “bitch.”

If you’re planning to vote for Donald Trump, how does it feel to be standing with this crowd?

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