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Fossil Fuels Pipeline Giant Supports Racist Trump Supporter’s Campaign For Congress

This year, Donald Trump has made overt racism a central part of the Republican Party’s political agenda. His tactics, such as encouraging violence against African-Americans, deportation for Hispanics, and imprisonment of Arab Americans, have elicited gasps of shock from liberals, but have been largely accepted by Republican voters and elected officials.

Paul Ryan, the Republican Speaker of the House has led the way in the Republican Party’s embrace of racism. Ryan began by acknowledging the “textbook racism” of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, and sealed the deal by endorsing Donald Trump’s campaign. It’s better for Republicans to celebrate racism, Ryan decided, than to allow a Democrat to become President. No matter how crude and extreme the Trump for President campaign becomes, Paul Ryan refuses to disavow him, sending a clear message that the Republican Party welcomes hateful bigots.

This open acceptance of blatant racism isn’t a radical departure for the Republican Party, of course. Powerful Republicans like Paul Ryan’s right hand man in Congress, Majority Whip Steve Scalise, have long made their white supremacism an open secret. When the word reached the mainstream press that Congressman Scalise had been speaking at white supremacist conferences alongside neoNazis and members of the KKK, the leadership of the Republican Party merely shrugged, and declared that it wouldn’t allow outrage over this extreme racism to get in the way of its political agenda.

So, when Steve Scalise endorsed the presidential campaign of Donald Trump earlier this year, no one was really surprised. It was just one racist Republican supporting another racist Republican. “Now is the time for for our party to unite around Donald Trump,” said Scalise, and why wouldn’t Republicans follow along? For generations, the Republican Party has been home base for bigotry.

Of course, racism isn’t the only platform for Republican political power. Racism gains the GOP substantial support in the South and rural districts across America, but that isn’t enough on its own. The Republicans have succeeded in controlling Congress by combining racism with anti-environment, pro-corporate policies, polluting America both metaphorically and literally.

So it is that the re-election campaign of Steve Scalise is enjoying a combination of grassroots support from a combination of Louisiana racists and corporate underwriters. Just yesterday, Nustar, a giant corporation that owns and operates over 8,700 miles of petroleum pipelines snaking across the United States, submitted a summary of its political donations to candidates to federal office. Prime among these was its support of Steve Scalise.

The calculation of Nustar executives seems to be that supporting racist members of Congress is a small price to pay in the ongoing effort to keep its corporate rivers of thick, toxic ooze flowing across the USA.

Which is vision is the real Republican Party? Does the Republican Party leadership solicit the big money of corporate polluters in order to finance the populist racism of the political base, or do the GOP elites indulge in the bigotry of the Republican rank and file voters in order to provide electoral support to its corporate backers?

One might as well ask whether the chicken or the egg came first. The racism and irresponsible corporate pollution of the Republican Party support each other in a cycle of dirty politics. Underlying these two, apparently distinct, ideologies is a single underlying perspective: That political control should be used to divide people into elites who enjoy the benefits of the system, and the rest of us, who can be expected to inhale the dirty exhaust belched out by this polluted political machine.

2 thoughts on “Fossil Fuels Pipeline Giant Supports Racist Trump Supporter’s Campaign For Congress”

  1. Al Hopfmann says:

    Yes, Donald Trump does not understand racism. Even worse though, are the Democrats and Republicans who give lip service to opposition to individual racism, yet support governmental racism such as racial questions on federal census forms and firearms purchase forms, and the outright racism euphemistically called “affirmative action”.

    1. J Clifford says:

      No, Al, a question on a federal census form is not worse than having African-Americans punched and kicked at political rallies.

      No, Al, a question on a firearms purchase form is not worse than threatening to put Arab Americans into detention camps.

      No, Al, affirmative action is not worse than mass deportation of Hispanics.

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