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Is it FCA Day or FCA Month? Which One? Perhaps Public Officials Should Pray on It.

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a proselytization program that uses the coercive power of public high school coaches to foist Christianity upon the public high school kids. In FCA programs, public high school kids who get to play (or not) according to the whims of their coach are assembled for regular Christian conversion sessions before practices and games.

It’s tacky. It’s creepy. It’s an inappropriate exercise of power. It’s unconstitutional. And public officials in various states love it.

In Oklahoma, state legislators declared April 2 (the day after April Fool’s Day) to be FCA Day. FCA Day was declared as January 31 in Ohio, however, associated with the name of the public Ohio State University. The public Indiana University declared FCA Day to be September 7. The public Auburn University announced and held FCA day on September 30. In South Dakota, FCA Day was declared to be October 18. In Louisiana, legislators named January FCA Month. South Dakota State University FCA descended upon high school girls participating in a basketball tournament and multiply proselytized them during a tournament, declaring March to be Fellowship of Christian Athletes Month.

Is it Fellowship of Christian Athletes Day or Fellowship of Christian Athletes Month? What day or month is the appointed day or month? If Jesus Christ or His Dad really willed this pushy cult effort, don’t you think this all would have been worked out On High by now? I encourage the multiple public employees involved in the FCA fiasco to pray on it.

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