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Making America Great Again, Using A Fake Address In Portland, Maine

Earlier this year, Donald Trump claimed that he could not be bought, and would campaign using his own cash, because he was so, so, so rich. Now, Trump is attending secretive fundraisers, taking in loads of money from other financial elites, and refusing to share information with the public about who is funneling tens of millions of dollars to his campaign.

A little part of the growing networks that are being assembled in the shadow to prop up Donald Trump’s clumsy, crude lurch for the White House was revealed yesterday, when Julie Sheehan established the Making America Great Again Super PAC in order to collect unregulated cash to support Trump’s campaign.

Julie Sheehan has made her own money working as a real estate agent in the financially elitist and racially exclusive town of Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

The average price of a home in Cape Elizabeth is $673,646.

Nationally, 16.3 percent of the U.S. population is Hispanic or Latino. In Julie Sheehan’s town of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, only 1.4 percent of the population is Hispanic. Nationally, 13.6 percent of the U.S. population is African-American. In Julie Sheehan’s town of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, only 0.5 percent of the population is African-American.

Cape Elizabeth has proven to be very effective at preventing poor people, Hispanics, and African-Americans from moving into town. Julie Sheehan is in the thick of that prevention, as one of a small number of agents who negotiate the sales of homes in Cape Elizabeth.

Is it any surprise that Julie Sheehan is supporting the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, the infamous billionaire racist?

Julie Sheehan Making America Great AgainIt’s ironic that, Julie Sheehan, who has made her money from being very particular about matching people with specific physical addresses, is choosing to obscure her political operation by using a fake mailing address. Sheehan didn’t give the Federal Election Commission her home address when she filed the paperwork for her Making America Great Again super PAC. Instead, she told the FEC that her emerging political organization is based at 32 Pleasant Street, Portland, Maine.

The other organizations that claim 32 Pleasant Street in Portland as their address are the Perkins Olson Law Firm and the Bohan Mathers Law Firm. For Julie Sheehan and the Making America Great Again super PAC, 32 Pleasant Street isn’t a real physical office. It’s a false front.

Sheehan’s posh, custom-designed Cape Elizabeth home has been featured by Maine Home Design for its “copper flashing, gutters, and downspouts; white-cedar shingle siding; ipê decking and handrails; stainless-steel cables; and custom-designed board-and-batten siding. The mahogany front door and sidelights add yacht-like accents.” It’s telling that a person who owns such a luxurious home in such a wealthy community could, with a straight face, create a super PAC devoted to “Making America Great Again”, supporting a billionaire presidential candidate who presumes to speak for Americans who are struggling. People like Donald Trump and Julie Sheehan are luxuriating in comfort, pushing for policies to give rich people like themselves extra cushy tax breaks, while wagging fingers about how wages are too high and preaching about how America isn’t “great” enough.

It seems to me that people like Donald Trump and Julie Sheehan are already living with enough “great” privileges as it is.

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